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Price and "Problem Check List" Question
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After a poor winter here in the northwest, I'm considering selling my '87 Turbo Coupe to buy something a little more snow-friendly for going back and forth over mountain passes. My questions are:

1.If I were to sell my car, what common problem areas should I check to make sure it's up-to-spec for its next owner?
2. How much is realistic to ask $$$-wise?

As it sits...
5 speed manual, third owner, 130k, "near-perfect" interior (wear on piping on driver's side), new clutch, newer oem-type exhaust, recent alignment, converted to gas-shocks (the wiring for ride-control is still there), aftermarket stereo, GT-front springs, stock snowflakes with good tread AND I have a complete set of 17x9" cobra wheels. Northwest car, no rust, body straight. Runs good. I drive like a grandma...

Thanks for the advice, guys! I'm sure I'd regret selling it after the fact, but sometimes you just need a different vehicle for the situation. Right now, it's just sitting in my parents' driveway and my dad drives it around the neighborhood once a week to keep it in check.

[Image: 14495_10200886906454992_124694418_n.jpg]
[Image: 1017464_10200886906694998_826323406_n.jpg]
[Image: 1743616_10200886906935004_1634975711_n.jpg]
[Image: 1888540_10200886906654997_1249483240_n.jpg]
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Probably nobody knows more about the car than you. Here are some thoughts for a good presentation. May not get you a lot of money for doing them but not doing them may put doubts in a prospective buyers mind.
1. clean oil and fresh filter. 2 clean air filter 3. clean window glass in and out and vacuum the interior. 4 fresh spark plugs are cheap thrills and a good talking point. 5 accessory drive belt in good condition. 6. relatively fresh coolant, not the stuff that smalls like it's been fermenting for 15 years.

Price is whatever someone is willing to pay. I'd say your range is around $2500 to 4500 depending on what's in the deal (the Cobra rims???) and how quick;y you want to sell it.
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Thanks for your input!
Other than a timing belt and accessory drive belt, everything else has been done recently! I'm glad I was at least on the right track!

Are you aware of any "common" problems that occur specifically with thunderbirds that I should check for a potential buyer?
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Based on what you've said and what your car looks like, your car is in excellent condition. From the way you talk, you probably don't have to worry about any common problems, besides when it's a used car it's always a educated risk with a car this old. Pete's suggestions sound great to me. I also might add waxing your car. I'd recommend ultra finish. Very easy to use sun/shade whatever, easy to wipe off, one step polish, and puts a great finish on it. If you have to sell it I'd say if your area is like the northeast you should really wait a month or 2! In April and May everyone is ready to get outside and a fun car will attract a lot more buyers and a higher price. I've saved money on a car buying in the winter when it couldn't barely get out of the dealers parking lot. I'd wait if ya can.

One another note, I don't know your situation but looks like a nice car if you want to and can financially do it, maybe get a winter beater and most likely for $40 a month or so you could park it at a storage area or something or friends? Just a thought if it's a burden on your parents and you wanted to keep it. Good luck either way tho.
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What brand is Ultra Finish? I'm not super familiar with waxes. I definitely know it could use it, though!

If I were to sell it, it would probably be early in the summer months. Once the snow clears enough from the passes, I may take it back over so I have something to drive back and forth.

On the winter-beater comment, I've kept my eyes out, but I haven't been able to find anything I could afford on my level of income ($0/mo). If I sold it, I would hope to have enough to buy something reasonably reliable. My parents just took out a small loan to buy my mother a Focus, so they've got very little extra to help out (they're also paying my insurance while I'm still in school).
1987 Turbo Coupe, T5, Stock 2.3t
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