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  Finished TC hood!
Posted by: 88turbomajor - 06-13-2024, 08:25 PM - Replies (2)

Got it all sorted out...

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  Power antenna
Posted by: 88turbomajor - 06-09-2024, 09:47 PM - Replies (2)

Does anyone have an extra power antenna?   I'm assuming they are basically the same as the TC as for the '84 T-birds and Cougars.


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  Turbo Coupe hood on '84 Cougar
Posted by: 88turbomajor - 06-08-2024, 01:55 AM - Replies (2)

Been a while everyone....  finally had the Turbo Coupe hood painted.. (i saved it from a car two years back that was a parts only car, along with the rims) and I'll be hanging the hood this Sunday.  
The snouts are the same color but I've fabricated insets, which will be black, to keep the water from dripping on the distributor.   I'll update the post in a few days!

(the pictures show the paint doesn't match up, but in person, they do!)

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  Pretty Penny for sale at Carlisle 2024
Posted by: Dan S - 05-29-2024, 08:48 PM - No Replies

My 1988 Mandarin Copper metallic 88 Turbo Coupe will be For Sale at spot #19 in the sale area.
We’ve enjoyed her for over 20 years and it’s time to let someone else to enjoy Turbo Tbird ownership!

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  Replacing the red stripe...
Posted by: Kuch - 05-23-2024, 01:55 PM - Replies (5)

I have always used some 1/2" vinyl stripe to cover the red with a blue color on my old 87 and now my 88, but it keeps coming off after a while, no matter how much I clean and prep the red stripe. I read on here about universal wheel well trim from "CarPretty" that can be used to replace the red with any color they have. I bought some of their dark blue to install, but I have heard the side trim pieces are difficult to remove the red stripe section. Has anyone tried this before? I have heard it is damn near impossible based on an old post on here. Thoughts. Thanks

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  3G install completed...
Posted by: Kuch - 05-12-2024, 08:12 PM - Replies (1)

I finished this up over the weekend and everything worked out great. I made some deviations from the tech article on here as follows.
1, I kept the stock alt output as it is already a 10G wire and I didn't want to cut and splice it.
2, I added a 4 Gauge battery wire from the alt output to the battery pos post with an inline 175amp mega fuse. New cable ends were soldered on and shrink wrapped.
3, The article mentioned an extra 10gauge wire added to the yellow shunt wire to distribute the load, which is what I did and connected it to the alt output.
4, I did have to re-pin my factory alt plug as my "I" and "S" were swapped on my stock 88 TC alternator plug. I verified the 12v switched and the 12v constant before hooking everything up. I also soldered in a junkyard stator connector to the "S" plug harness.

I ops checked it with everything on I could think of and was getting 14.4 volts. Glad I did this upgrade.

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  Carlisle Ford Nationals 2024
Posted by: Jeff K - 05-09-2024, 04:47 PM - Replies (6)

The Carlisle 2024 Ford Nationals will be held May 31 through June second.  If you have not attended the Carlisle Ford Nationals, please consider attending the event this year!  NATO typically has roughly 20 to 25 Turbo Coupes attending the event on Friday and / or Saturday.  Total number of Fords of every description on the show field has been 3000+ cars and trucks the last couple years. 

NATO will have a large tent on the fair grounds with tables and chairs so TC owners can relax, eat, drink, and talk.  There are a large number of vendors selling Ford parts of every description for reasonable prices.  Every kind of food and drink imaginable is also available. 

If interested, please visit the Carlisle Ford Nationals web site ( for more information, ordering tickets, etc. 

If you come to the show I guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!

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  88 TC 3G upgrade........
Posted by: Kuch - 04-28-2024, 05:01 PM - No Replies

This is one of my to-do list items this year on the 88 and I started today. The bracket is ground down and the new 3G fits great so I started on the wiring bundles. Based on the tech articles on here it says; " The original output wire from the original alternator goes into this bundle.   Use a knife, razor blade, etc. to cut the tape off the bundle. Inside you will find a thick yellow wire with a huge splice into several fuse links at each end.  The yellow wire is the shunt wire for the amp gauge.  Follow the original alternator power output wire to the splice at one end of the yellow wire.  Cut the original power wire a few inches from the huge splice, and connect it to one of the two remaining 10 gauge wires from the alternator.  Be sure to fully solder and tape this connection.  Use a knife or razor blade to remove about ¾” length of insulation from the thick yellow wire near the same end that the alternator power wire is spliced in to.  Strip some insulation from the last 10 gauge wire coming from the alternator, wind it around the bare section of the yellow wire, solder completely, and tape the connection up". My question is:
1, Can I leave the blk/or wire as is hooked to the alt ouptut instead of cutting it to splice in a 10g wire. Seems redundant to cut it if it's already 10g
2, Can I use a 4g with a 175a fuse from the output going to the battery pos terminal instead of a 10g wire from the alt output to the solenoid connection?
3, Where does the last 10g wire go to on the yellow shunt wire? Before or after the fusible links, the green or red spots in the pic?

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  Help with diagnostic codes and finding parts
Posted by: mchenpa - 04-22-2024, 08:21 PM - Replies (8)

Although the car seems to pull well and gets decent mileage, I still have a random high idle usually corrected by restarting that can include a stalling coming down from high speed (45-50) or at very low speed (parking lot). I followed the posts for base idle and TPS adjustment, so I pulled codes.

This is what came back from a KOEO and a KOER w/WOT:
* 25®: Knock not sensed during Dynamic Response Test
* 34®: EGR not opening properly
* 42®: HEGO(HO2S) sensor voltage high / system rich
* 72© which the book says is a System power circuit fault MCCA Message Center Control Assembly circuit failure.

It’s a 28k mile 1988 5-speed with a new 255 fuel pump, new fuel filter, new tank, and a new TPS. It has a manual boost control (I did get an 81(O) code for the missing inlet actuator) and cone filter.
Finally, the questions:
1. Where can I find an EGR or Knock Sensor; is there a substitute or another option? 
2. Where is the Knock Sensor on these and is this a dry job or will I end up with coolant all over me?
3. Any thoughts on this MCCA circuit? I don't know what that is and have not been able to find anything online. It sounds bad.
4. I know it’s 36 years old and it sat a few years but are all of these really bad or is there something in common that is more likely?

I'm sorry if there is already a post - or two - on these questions and I hope I gave enough information.

Thanks in advance for the help !!

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  Front Strut Replacement.
Posted by: Charlesw - 04-14-2024, 12:01 AM - Replies (4)

Im taking apart the old 88 t bird and one of the things on my list to replace is the front struts. What options are out there not something to expensive and something that will ride good.? Anyone have pictures or advice on what I should do.?

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