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  Front Strut Replacement.
Posted by: Charlesw - 04-14-2024, 12:01 AM - Replies (2)

Im taking apart the old 88 t bird and one of the things on my list to replace is the front struts. What options are out there not something to expensive and something that will ride good.? Anyone have pictures or advice on what I should do.?

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  Firing up after 2 years idle
Posted by: unclefalter - 03-16-2024, 04:08 PM - Replies (4)


My 88 TC has sat in a dry garage for 2 years now.  Part of it was my father's illness and passing away last year, which demoralized me severely and caused my interest in cars to temporarily evaporate.   Part of it was due to it needing tires - unfortunately our two 4 year old daily drivers *also* needed tires, both summer and winter, and the need to stagger those costs meant the Tbird sadly had to take a back seat.  I am hoping this year, finally, to get new tires on it, fix some odds and ends and just enjoy it for a season.

Before being parked the gas tank had mostly full with new premium unleaded gas.  Gas and storage is something I admit I seldom think about.  When I was using the car annually I'd just park it in the garage for the winter, and then start up, add fresh gas and carry on.  Winter in BC is usually mild - the car typically would be parked for 6 months.  However this time, owing to the above, it has sat for 2 years.  I believe I last started the car about 1 year ago to move something out of the garage, and it ran fine.  I just forgot about the old gas.  I've looked online for advice - most say to drain the tank, but a fair number say to just add fresh gas and carry on.  The reason I'm hesitant is I've not siphoned gas recently and am not keen on doing it in a tight enclosed space.  Our driveway is on an incline and the car's parking brake doesn't work so pushing it out and parking in driveway first isn't an option really.  Looking for thoughts there.

After that, I am trying to find a complete emergency brake pedal assembly, as I'm tired of not being able to park on hills.  I had this looked at a long time ago; apparently the physical plate or something broke, so the parking brake has nothing to lock onto?  Anyway, the tech that looked at it said the whole assembly needed to go.  But I've never seen one for sale online or anywhere.  Does anyone know where I could source one?

I'm not sure what I plan to do with my TC long term - it'll be 20 years since I got it next year.  I still have my eye our for a twilight blue one with blue leather interior like my Dad's original, but it's been almost 20 years since I've seen any TCs come up for sale in our area.  In that time I've not even seen another one on the road around here.

Many thanks!

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  Cooling fans not coming on.
Posted by: BabyBlueBird - 03-14-2024, 10:33 PM - Replies (4)

Long story short i got stuck in some traffic on my way home and my temp gauge started to creep up until I turned on my AC to kick the fan on. I was doing some diag on it tonight and when I turn the key on the passenger side main fan turns on but the drivers side aux fan does not. Also as the temp gauge starts to climb my fans will not come on at all, only when I turn on the ac. My first thought is the coolant temp sensor. I’ve had zero luck with any after market brands for them and I can’t source a ford part. Any ideas?

Edit: when I have time this weekend I plan to go through the basics like jumping the coolant temp connector and seeing if the coolant hose on the bottom of the intake is clogged.

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  Odd shifting behavior
Posted by: goingincirclez - 02-13-2024, 03:27 AM - Replies (6)

Greetings all,

My '87 TC 5sp (98K mi) has a perplexing issue.    It runs and drives beautifully for the most part.   But it seems that for every time I start it - whether it's been parked for a week or 20 minutes - within, say, the first 10 shifts, it suddenly won't go into (whatever) gear without double-clutching.   After that, the transmission is fine for the rest of the drive, over however many shifts / hours / miles.    It's just this one random fluke "keep you on your toes" moment, within the first few shifts after a start! 

As random and unbelievable as it sounds, I've been dealing with it for a few months now in a variety of situations to rule out all sorts of variables.   The "gotcha" gear could be an up or a down shift, anything from 1 thru R.   It could be while rolling, or from a stop.  It could be uphill, downhill.  All temps.   First drive of the day, or the 5th errand in a run.  The only thing that's somewhat random about is if it'll happen in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd... ...10th shift... either way it's guaranteed to happen "soon" but not the "same Xth".    It's the damndest thing... especially since it never happens again, and everything is smooth and troublefree otherwise.  

I've checked the fluid in both trans and clutch, etc... all seems well enough.   Does anyone have any clue where to even begin to look?

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  Power antenna troubleshooting
Posted by: ABird - 01-29-2024, 09:33 PM - Replies (2)

.pdf   Antenna troubleshooting.pdf (Size: 309.67 KB / Downloads: 40)
From the 1988 Thunderbird/Cougar Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual

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  Ignition/drivability issues
Posted by: 94VERTiGO - 01-26-2024, 12:22 AM - Replies (16)

88 TC no mods. Currently experiencing a stutter while accelerating.  Every now and then while cruising ~35mph, constant acceleration, it will run smooth. I can mash the pedal and it will accelerate, The turbo boost gauge will peg all the way at 15 psi and hold steady while accelerating. It will accelerate and run highway speeds, but stumbles and stutters while doing so. 

When did this start?  I had a bad oil leak at the stainless line from the oil sending unit. 
Bought the stinger stainless braided line and the "T" fitting and replaced my old line and the Ford fitting that goes into the head. 
To do this repair I removed the upper intake manifold, the fuel injection rail and injectors (pulled out as a unit.) 
I put it back together and it stuttered and stumbled on the test drive. Even while backing out of the garage at 1 mph.
Thought it was ignition related so I replaced distributor cap, rotor, plugs and plug wires. (Motorcraft parts). 

Thought maybe I had an intake leak or did not plug in a sensor.  Pulled it apart to check sensors/plugs, torque on manifold bolts, all seemed ok, put back together, same stutter under accelreration. 
Thought it was the distributor TFI or PIP, pulled distributor and replaced TFI, did not replace PIP because I destroyed distributor trying to press on the gear. Found a replacement distributor and put a new TFI in it. 
Still stuttered and stumbled. 
Pulled codes KOEO and KOER. 
TPS and MAP sensor. 

Checked TPS and had unstable readings.  Bought a new TPS from Stinger. 
Having problems installing it. With throttle closed, it reads 4.xx V, With throttle wide open it reads < 1 V.  THIS IS BACKWARDS, I KNOW, but WHAT IS HAPPENING? 
I put the old TPS in and same thing. I don't understand. 
Please help before I burn this darn thing down. (not really but right now that would be satisfying). 

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  Looking for distributor '88TC
Posted by: 94VERTiGO - 01-05-2024, 03:33 AM - Replies (1)

Looking for a good distributor.  

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  Car Cover for car stored in garage
Posted by: 85THUNDER - 12-01-2023, 05:47 PM - Replies (4)

So I want to grab a car cover for my 85 TC to put on it over the winter while it sits in the garage. Not looking to break the bank $75-$150ish. It won’t be exposed to the elements at all so I feel like some of the options I’m seeing is overkill. Just wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions.

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Big Grin Hi! New Turbo Coupe Owner
Posted by: miztaytertot - 11-27-2023, 02:14 AM - Replies (1)

Hi Everyone!

Picking up my "new" 88 turbo coupe tomorrow and I came across this forum while looking for restoration tips and how tos. I am looking to restore it to the best of my ability as a christmas gift for my significant other who had a turbo coupe a few years back and has missed it terribly since he sold it. It's going to need a lot of work like a replacement windshield and lots of exterior restoration but I am looking forward to posting updates and asking questions!

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Big Grin New User
Posted by: miztaytertot - 11-26-2023, 07:42 PM - No Replies

Hello Everyone! 

Came across this forum through youtube while looking for ways to restore an 88 turbo coupe. 

I pick up my first turbo coupe tomorrow but it definitely needs some work, from a cracked windshield, and general exterior repair and restoration. But I am so insanely excited as it is going to be a gift for my significant other. Hopefully I will have pictures here soon of progress being made!

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