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  Stalling issue
Posted by: Rob H - 6 hours ago - No Replies

When I first start the car, it runs a bit rough and low rpm.
If I take it out before fully warmed up, it stalls.
I drive up the road, and gear down to a stop sign, the car dies. Over and over again. It's a dangerous situation in some instances as I lose power brakes and steering. So far I have always been able to restart the vehicle. Usually right away, other times with a bit of frantic cranking watching traffic come at me.
Any thought?
This also happens sometimes when warmed up, but when the car has sat for a good five minutes or so.

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  '87-8 OE Intercooler kit - used NICE shape
Posted by: 86 XR7 5spd - Yesterday, 01:13 PM - No Replies

all OE parts, includes;
- (2) connecting hoses with (4) hose clamps
- E7SE-6K775-AD INTERCOOLER with nice black satin finish
- bracket to mount IC

all nice shape

msg me yur email addy or cell ph # for pix

$40 + ship

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Information EGR Port Clogged?
Posted by: unseenturbobird - Yesterday, 01:08 AM - Replies (2)

Hey how's it going!

I had my manifold off changing the valve cover gasket and the injectors and noticed the bottom port on my EGR was completely clogged.

I couldn't tell if this was done out of the factory or has happened over time? It was solid metal. Didn't look like carbon buildup. 

Should i be freeing this port up or leaving it alone?

Thanks guys

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  bulb check on an 86?
Posted by: 84TBirdTurbo42 - Yesterday, 12:47 AM - Replies (5)

Hey all. Just starting to run threw the demons of my 86. It currently has NO ENGINE. i'm just curious as to what comes on when first hit KOEO. My check engine light doesn't illuminate. I wasn't sure if they did or not. I also cannot self test the PCM right now. I have a suspicion that because i don't have an engine in there, and all the sensors are open, it won't do anything. THE PCM does have Power and the relay is good. It also was putting out 5VREF to the vam and TPS sensor. It does have some sort of aftermarket PCM i'd be happy to ditch.

so, what bulbs illuminate when you first turn the key?

i don't want to be chasing a problem that doesn't exist. 
To explain what i'm dealing with, the car had the wiper switch wires cut, and soldered with speaker wire....

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  Getting reproduction 1988 rear-window rubber molding
Posted by: Masejoer - 09-17-2019, 08:58 PM - Replies (2)

I've started dialog with in getting reproduction single-piece rear-window molding made up. I'll start pulling it from all the cars I find in local yards, but there's only a handful appearing each year now. Does anyone have some reasonable-condition (still pliable, not hard plastic, cracked or torn) molding on hand, or that can be pulled from a parts vehicle? Would love to get some reproductions going, if Steele analyzes an intact part and can start manufacturing.

The only source I've found for these in recent years is a non-refundable $2600 for a full new rear window, installed, coming with the rubber piece. Only one shop has given me that quote - everyone else can't find/get the parts, full glass or not.

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  '83-6 rear lowering springs, ~1.25" drop: $20
Posted by: 86 XR7 5spd - 09-17-2019, 01:11 AM - No Replies

these were on my 86 XR7 when I bought it..
drove it that way for couple years, then
I swapped them for some used un-cut stock TC springs..

for sure will work on the '83-6 ; I dunno about the '87-8 ..

msg me yur email addy if you want pix

PS I replaced the squished out OE isolators with:
Energy Suspension Coil Spring Isolators 4.6101G

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  88 turbo coupe cooling fan running all the time
Posted by: Arnold Booth - 09-15-2019, 07:45 PM - Replies (7)

Dont know where to start....have had this car since 89. Of course its not a daily driver but have gotten rid of 2 cars.....57 Ford and a68 Mustang Fastback and have kicked my tail a thousand times for doing it  so….the T-bird is here to stay,,,,,,UNLESS I cant fix the dang thing,,,,,first off the car sat for a while and I didn't drive it....the ethanol gas went bad which may be my running issues,,,,i had driven the thing to work last week and it ran fine,,,,however it would stumble occasionally.....its to the point know where it will hardly run..fuel filter has been changed,,,,had bout 38 lbs on the rail when I checked it,,so…..dunno ,,maybe the sock in the tank is stopped up?....maybe another fuel filter due to the bad gas has clogged the new one?...….injectors dirty?....but thats not what has me stumped.....the issue now is the rt cooling fan.....the low temp one I guess you say is running as soon as you turn the key on....and this is with the ECT disconnected and the fan controller removed.....I just got a refurbished/rebuilt EEC today …..on initial start when I turned the key on the fan wasn't running,,,,,,had a normal start-up but after bout 10 sec the fan started running.....same condition as old something burning up the relay in the EEC?..have I damaged the new EEC?...….lol.....I dunno…….I also noticed and it seems that the fuel pump is running continuously also...but.....the in the world is it running?....could the auto temp controller be sending a signal for it to run even if that system is off? I told ya I am a pretty good mech but when it comes to electical stuff I struggle...…I tend to complicate a problem when in many cases its very dont have wiring diagrams and again….how is that dang fan running? keep in mind it seems that all this just kinda happened at once,,,,,or was the fuel issue there and coincidentally this cooling fan issue came up...…..are the 2 related?.....the cooling fan had been working correctly up to this point...…..lot to throw at ya I know but maybe you can make some sense of it all..... I cant hardly sleep when I cant fix somethin ….lol...maybe you can relate....  plus keep in mind I have a code reader..havent used it years....I tried to read the codes but it seems...….because the cooling fan is running it would not read them?.....make any sense?........…...any help or direction you guys can give will be I said I consider myself to be a pretty good wrench but I sure dont know everything!                                                                                                                                      --Original Message-----

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  I'm Back!!!
Posted by: 84TBirdTurbo42 - 09-15-2019, 01:39 PM - Replies (2)

Hey Guys! 

I'm back on the scene, after Many years off! (6 i believe)
A quick rewind. Back in 2006, my dad bought me a basket case 84TC. We rebuilt the engine, trans. Some how made it run. Around 2008 i started driving her. 2009 she was painted an awesome two tone, (sign of the times).Daily drove minus winters up until 2011. I bought myself a 5.0 mustang, was bit by the fast bug. And the bird sat more then i drove her. Fast forward a couple years, she was vibrating hard and it just started sitting more and more. I sold the Mustang, parked the tbird. Would run her once and awhile but just not enough. While i couldn't get rid of her, I didn't have much ambition. After a debacle with aftermarket steering pumps, and racks, i had enough. From 2017 on, shes sat next to my garage slowly rotting away. I noticed one day the carpet was wet, and it was very stagnant inside. I peeled the carpet up and put my hand right threw the drivers footbox. At this point after walking around the chassis, there was more floor rot then not. Shes terminal. But, again, i still couldn't part with it.

Fast forward.... 2019 is here. I've got my friday night beers going on, after work. Find a 86' TC, Virginia car, NO RUST. Shes beat, but shes got the potential. So now its time to make a car out of the two this winter. I'm going to be scraping for parts for sure. It's going to be a fun time again. The 84 Drivetrain will go in the 86.  I drove almost 7 hours one way to get her. From south of Buffalo, to Orange County NY ( where the chopper dudes are). I'm tuned up. Can't wait to start helping out around here again. Love my NATO guys! 

-Chris Perry

P.S. I'm sorry if i was the know it all 16 year old of the group back in 06', Time has passed LOL. So, here's what i bring to the table. A Former Ford Tech, turned school bus driver. A Current Dirt Track Mod racer. I've always loved my Fords. My dad had a wealth of knowledge, (hopefully some was passed on to me) as a 33 year Ford Senior Master Cert. Tech.  

the 86 VIN is 1FABP46WIGH178976. Not sure what the original color was yet. Looked to be a pretty loaded car, Prem. Sound, Dual Leather 2 tone powered seats. Blue/Gray interior. Keyless Entry. I'll get a Marti Report to find out more. 

the 84:

the 86:

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  Foxtoberfest 2019
Posted by: 94VERTiGO - 09-13-2019, 02:24 AM - Replies (1)

I am planning on going to Foxtoberfest this year.  It is Oct 17 - 19 in Kannapolis, NC.  I have never been (this is my 3rd Fox) so this year the turbo couple and I will be there. Hope to see some of you there.

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  1988 Ford TC $1200
Posted by: Mustgo88 - 09-12-2019, 03:29 PM - No Replies

Calif car located in Fresno county.
Second owner this car is all stock
White / tan interior
OD 160 K
5 spd trans
No wrecks or damage or rust
Spare engine complete 100k on it
Stopped driving car due to fuel pump failure
All extra parts  will go with this car with new owner.
[email protected]

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