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  New member from Ohio
Posted by: Lenny351 - 3 hours ago - No Replies

Thanks for the group and for adding me. Longtime Thunderbird lover and new to me owner again. 1987 Turbo Coupe. I have owned three Turbos, the other two were back in the '80's one being a 1985 and one a 1987.


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  Door Latch Strikers
Posted by: Rocket57 - 07-20-2019, 01:51 AM - No Replies

Just an FYI. Mustang door latch strikers will NOT work on an 88 TC. The Mustang pins are longer and bigger in diameter than the T-Bird pins. T-Bird- .450"od, Mustang- .490"od. Approximately 1/8" longer.  [Image: frown.png] Now I guess I need to find an acceptable substitute for the plastic sleeves on my original pins. 


Well, a small amount of research on my part would have quickly told me that Mustang strikers are different than T-Bird, Cougar, Taurus, etc. I compared part numbers on Rock Auto and found 2 different numbers for the Dorman strikers. Mustang striker bolts have SAE thread, T-Bird's are metric. Ordered a pair on Amazon and other than the crappy black oxide finish on the support they work great.

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Posted by: 347BIRD - 07-18-2019, 08:05 PM - Replies (6)

I bought a ported and polished ihi turbo for 800 and I think I paid way too much.... any input on this... hopefully someone can make me feel better...

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  new member from canada
Posted by: faronp - 07-18-2019, 01:21 PM - Replies (1)

hi i just bought an 1987 thunderbird turbo coupe from nova scotia it was a u.s. car how do i decode the vin number. the car came with the warranty identification card

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  Front clip interchange
Posted by: Okcr2g - 07-16-2019, 10:38 PM - No Replies

I’m new to the site so if this is redundant please excuse.  I have a 85 TC that has been idle since 91.  Most of the plastics on the front clip are bad, warped or deteriorated.   I have access to a 87 TC front clip.   Is this swap doable with minimal reconfigurations, cutting you know allot of work.  This car was parked with less than 35k miles.  I appreciate any insight on this subject.

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Posted by: andrewjs18 - 07-12-2019, 10:09 PM - No Replies

Hi all,

Myself along with Heath run where we sell parts primarily for the 83-88 Thunderbirds & Cougars, but some of our products also branch out into the fox body mustang, svo & capri platforms as well.

Below is a listing of what we sell, the prices, their usage and a photo of each item. additional information, more photos and purchases can be all be handled directly on our site.

Unless specified, everything was custom designed by Heath Jepsen.

2.3 Motor Mounts Type 1 - $155 shipped

Usage: 86-88 Thunderbirds & 86 Cougar XR7

[Image: KeOVgOP.jpg]

2.3 Motor Mounts Type 2 - $175 shipped

Usage: 83-85 Thunderbirds, 84-85 Cougars, 79-93 Mustangs & Capris, 84-86 SVOs

[Image: wEFtP8u.jpg]

5.0/351 Motor Mounts - $155 shipped

Usage: 86-88 Thunderbirds & Cougars

[Image: ilLPpfg.jpg]

Shock Brackets - $55 shipped

Usage: Shock brackets that'll allow you to run fox body & SN95 Mustang shocks on your Thunderbird & Cougar to open up a vastly larger shock selection.

These shock brackets were originally designed and sold by Chuck Warren. He later open sourced his designs so that someone else could pick up where he left off.

[Image: tr1IUME.jpg]

Transmission Mount - $55 shipped

Usage: Soft polyurethane transmission mount that is powder coated and will fit on the 85-86 Cougar & 85-88 TC with a 5-speed or automatic transmission.

[Image: 0rECjxU.jpg]

Seat Braces for Subframe Connectors - $70 shipped

Usage: Seat braces that get welded to subframe connectors to help reinforce the front floorpans. The subframe connectors are NOT included with these seat braces.

These seat braces were originally designed and sold by Chuck Warren. He later open sourced his designs so that someone else could pick up where he left off.

[Image: gsIMATM.jpg]

Torque Box Reinforcements V2 - $55 shipped

Usage: Torque Box Reinforcement plates that'll help reinforce the torque boxes. These should fit all 83-88 Thunderbirds & Cougars

[Image: CWyw0dx.jpg]

Clock Gauge Holder - $25 shipped

Usage: Clock gauge holder that'll replace the factory clock in Thunderbirds & Cougars

[Image: BSyhlJt.jpg]

2.3 EGR Block Off Plate - $15 shipped

Usage: Powder Coated EGR block off plate that'll allow you to remove your EGR valve and block off the port on the manifold

[Image: ZE8Z2qe.jpg]

5.0 EGR Block Off Plate - $15 shipped

Usage: Powder Coated EGR block off plate that'll allow you to remove your EGR valve and block off the port on the manifold

[Image: zcWvVCD.jpg]

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  Aluminum flywheel, clutch and pressure plate
Posted by: RLW3 - 07-11-2019, 08:18 PM - No Replies

2.3L Ford high performance clutch disk, pressure plate and ETS aluminum flywheel    $350

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  Rebuilt 1985 transmission
Posted by: RLW3 - 07-11-2019, 08:08 PM - No Replies

I have a stock transmission from my 1985 Turbo Coupe. It was rebuilt many years ago but has less than 10 miles on it as the car has been (and still is!) sitting in my garage. It includes the transmission, bell housing, clutch fork and backing plate.


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  Removing Windshield Trim
Posted by: MN88TurboCoupe - 07-11-2019, 03:40 PM - Replies (1)

Greetings everyone.

I setup an appointment to replace my cracked windshield glass with Safelite.

They called me and said I had rust on the pillar/pillars.  I'm calling BS as this car has never seen a single Minnesota winter and the car has sat inside in the winters (it does see rain in the spring/summer/fall) so I suspect they are unable to get something needed for the vehicle and didn't want to do the repair.

A.  Has anyone else had this happen with no body/undercarriage rust but their pillars rusted?
B.  How do I remove the trim so I can visually inspect the pillars and determine if this is true and how I might be able to fix it if this is the case?

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  actual interior color from VIN ?
Posted by: Entropy1988 - 07-06-2019, 03:18 AM - Replies (4)

Is there a way to get the actual color code for the interior? I'm going to be installing a dash cap and want to get the proper matching paint etc. 

The car was painted with code 7F.  It can only be either gray or blue, just want to verify since age can fade it etc.  Thanks in advance.

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