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  88 TC HVAC ECC Blower removal HELP
Posted by: UncleJohnsBird - 9 hours ago - No Replies

I’m removing the blower motor to clean out an apparent mouse nest. I removed the 3 screws and pulled the blower rearward as far as I could but still can’t clear. Any tricks are appreciated!

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  2nd time owner, 1st time caller
Posted by: UncleJohnsBird - Yesterday, 02:50 AM - Replies (1)

I had an 85 XR7 Turbo with a 5 speed for 40,00 miles in the 90's. I painted it black, added 48 lb. injectors, a Superchip and manual boost controller. It was a real hoot! I've had a C5 & C6 Corvette and a SN95 Mustang since but I've always wanted another XR7 Turbo. Alas, that's a damn rare cat these days so I bought a beautiful black 88 T-Bird last week instead. It was last registered in 1993, has 35,000 miles and is equipped with dual power seats, light package, power moonroof and a mouse nest infested automatic climate control system. I intend to undo a couple visual customizations and add some HP. I'm looking forward to exchanging info and getting the groups two cents worth.
Is posting a picture of a damn sexy car a violation of the sexual content clause in the NATO user agreement??? 

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  WTB Seat Belt Guide
Posted by: Tbird4ever - 05-21-2022, 11:14 PM - No Replies

Hello, I am looking for a black seat belt guide for a 1988 Turbo Coupe.  The guide is sort of a grommet that protects the seat belt webbing from the interior panel where the belt exits the panel under the side window.  I have just started restoring this car and it looks like a mouse might have chewed on the original guide and belt.  I would also be interested in a driver's seat belt if one is available.  Mine has some minor damage.

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  WTB Front License Plate Holder
Posted by: Tbird4ever - 05-21-2022, 11:04 PM - No Replies

Hello, I am looking for a front license plate holder for a 1988 Turbo Coupe.  I have recently purchased a TC from Kansas that came without the plate holder.  I live in Iowa where the front plate is required.

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  Starter Relay to Starter Cable
Posted by: OLDNAVFLY - 05-21-2022, 05:51 AM - Replies (1)

Looking for correct part # and/or Correct length and correct gauge for my 88TC

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  Almost Finished My Car
Posted by: spittinfire - 05-19-2022, 11:47 AM - Replies (6)

I haven't posted in a while and here is why.  On the way to the alignment shop, less than a mile from the shop, an elderly lady turned left in front of me and I couldn't stop in time.  Prior to this is was an original paint/original sheet metal car.  

[Image: CWGQ8501-1.jpg]

[Image: HELN9324-1.jpg]

[Image: MZCC4334-1.jpg]

This comes after installing a freshly rebuilt 8.8 out of a 95 Mustang, UMI rear control arms, rebuilding the A-arms with urethane bushings and urethane sway bar bushings and shock mounts.  Yellow Koni shocks with Mach 1 coil springs.  I swapped in the Mustang spindles in the front with new wheel bearings, urethane rack mounts, new inner and outer tie rods ends.  I rebuilt all of the Mustang calipers with new rotors and pads.  I finally got to bolt on the wheels that took 6 months to get here and after an at home alignment job I drove it about 100 miles before this happened.  Now I'm in a battle with her insurance company to not total the car.  
It really isn't that bad and could easily be fixed.  I pulled the front fender out and drove the car home, it doesn't leak anything.   

Here is what it looked like right after I finished it.  I think it could have come down a little more but it was an improvement.  The car rode and drove amazing and I was really looking forward to getting a proper alignment and being able to drive the thing.

[Image: IMG-9755-1.jpg]

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  Koni STR-T owners please step in! (Pic inside)
Posted by: Rampantcolt - 05-19-2022, 10:08 AM - No Replies

Time to replace my worn out PRC shocks and struts.  Im looking at the Koni STR-T line and have a few questions.  I have an ‘88 TC and it’s a daily driver.  I like a firmer ride but nothing over the top and I have no plans to lower this car.

How do you like the ride quality?

Can these be used with oem style strut mounts?

Sn95 is what I’m looking for, correct?

Any modifications needed or is it a direct bolt in?

Thanks for your time!

[Image: 91-FA2-B45-47-BD-4-C27-BC29-900-DC05690-AD.jpg]

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  Ignition switch failure
Posted by: 87TbirdTc979 - 05-18-2022, 11:34 PM - Replies (14)

Hi, so I have been having some electrical issues with my 87 tc. It started with the low beams and fogs not working and now my ic will not illuminate and high beams will not stay on, you have to hold the stalk to use them. I pulled the steering column apart an found that the connector on the ignition switch has a burnt wire and appears to have blown out the plastic of the connector. The burnt wires are a grey/yellow and grey. I tried finding a diagram to see what this wire goes to and if the info I found is correct it is the blower motor? Can anyone confirm this? I have an Evtm coming in the mail, so that should help. I’m not real sure as to what I should do here. Should I replace the switch and connector or is it possible the switch is good and just connectors shot? Anyway to test this? Where can I find a new connector? If it is the blower motor wire does that mea. I need to replace that as well to prevent this happening again? Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks I’m advance! Brennan

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  WTB: Rear Window Trim for 86 T-Coupe
Posted by: tiretread - 05-18-2022, 02:49 PM - No Replies

Like the subject states. Looking for very good to excellent condition rear trim. Prefer chrome but will take any color at this point. Thanks.

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  New 1986 T-Coupe Owner
Posted by: tiretread - 05-18-2022, 02:45 PM - Replies (1)

Recently became a spur-of-the-moment Turbo Coupe owner. I've always liked them, especially the 87-88s, but never really thought I might own one. Well, money in my pocket don't stay in my pocket and I ended up with a one-owner Turbo Coupe with 122,xxx miles on the body. Previous owner drove this car like he stole it and had the suspension upgraded accordingly. Car is a hoot to drive with a few small warts here and there. I'm familiar with 4-eyed mustangs but not so much with the T-Coupes. I love the car. Looks elegant and business like. Thanks for having me and looking forward to gleaning as much knowledge as I can from the site. I'm located in Sumter, SC.

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