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  Anyone familiar with Erson cams
Posted by: Daniel T - 6 hours ago - No Replies

This nice lady is selling this cam, is an Erson cam but can't find it on the web, has anyone use it or knows it'll work on the 2.3 turbo,  J1 CW EP20 C1 are the numbers engraved, I try to look for it but no luck, in the add says that her son bought it for a ranger 2.3

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  Shout out to PA Performance
Posted by: vegas_ss - 04-21-2021, 08:27 AM - Replies (2)

Bought a 130 amp 3g alternator from PA performance in 2007 that recently would drop output as RPM's increased to 2000 or so, once back to idle voltage returned to ~14.5v.

Called PA performance who was able to look up the 2007 order and determine the alternator needed to be serviced.  They generated a shipping tag the next day and I sent it back.  Once received it took them about 2 hours to repair the alternator and send it back with a new stator, harness and voltage regulator.  Working perfectly again... no charge to ship it there or back.  

Good company to do business with that stand behind their products 14 years later!

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  Misc parts
Posted by: Floridacatfan - 04-21-2021, 12:53 AM - No Replies

I have a new Ford drive belt for the 2.3 20 plus shipping

I have a ac compressor that has had oil in it for 25 years - 50 plus shipping

Really nice bra by wolf - 30$ plus ship

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  Clean up and paint coolant lines
Posted by: Rob H - 04-20-2021, 07:59 PM - Replies (1)

I've got a couple of really old hoses I'm going to be replacing, sure would love to clean these pipes up make them look nice. I'm going to take a wire brush to them and sandpaper, degrease and whatnot.
Any of you guys have any luck getting anything to stick to these? Any recommendations for paint type etc?

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  Mach1 Tbird?
Posted by: vegas_ss - 04-20-2021, 06:16 PM - Replies (2)

Ran across an eBay auction for a 1988 turbo coupe mach1 edition.  Supposedly 1 of 500?  Googled that and came across another.  Links below.  In each case besides stating they are a Mach1 they offer no information as to what a Mach1 is (besides a name).  Any info on this as I have never heard of this before.  The ebay seller did have errors in his listing stating it had a power antenna (which it doesn't) but also went as far as describing issues with the non-existent power antenna so I'm not real certain he know much.  I did email hime regarding the power antenna (which he removed) and what the mach1 option was was told to run the vin and do a little research.  So, here is my little research... Wink 

Tbird Mach1

eBay Tbird Mach1

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  Wiper switch kills engine?...
Posted by: Kuch - 04-19-2021, 11:23 AM - Replies (6)

OK, I took the car out of storage yesterday, ran great, warmed her up, changed the oil, checked everything out good, took her for a quick ride. Everything was good with no issues, so I wash her all up thinking I would drive to work today. Go out this morning, car starts right up, idling, and as we had some heavy dew last night I went to turn on the wipers. On the first click, they did not work, which did not concern me as last year they did the same thing and by moving the switch on-off a few times it cleaned up and worked fine. This time, went to high on the switch, wipers came up about 2" and the engine dies. Ok, try to start back up, but nothing but cranking. Tried a few times, but it never fired, switched over to my other car and came into work. Any ideas on this one guys? Could it be effecting the ignition switch/wiring some how? Bad multi function switch? Figured I would ask here before going home tonight to trouble shoot. thanks

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Posted by: Frank.e994 - 04-16-2021, 02:40 AM - Replies (4)

I am new to this forum because I am looking to buy a turbo coupe. I was wondering if there is anyway to "rebuild" the shocks and struts so I can retain the PRC. Or if my only option would be to change it a traditional shock and strut set up.

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  Concerned about new injectors...
Posted by: Rob H - 04-15-2021, 02:42 AM - Replies (22)

[attachment=1821]I ordered up new injectors last year, didn't get a chance to install them. I was just looking at the stuff I've got and trying to figure out my plan of attack for this year. I took the injectors out of the boxes and discovered something. When I ordered these last year I do remember that they did show up in two shipments. I got several things, and for whatever reason two of the injectors came from one warehouse and two came from a different one.
All of the boxes are the same. They've all got the same stickers on the outside. I'm sure they're the same injector, I'm just wondering do you think I should be concerned that I didn't get these as a set? I'm sure they're made to precision standards, I guess I've just spotted some things that make me wonder and I'll tell you what they are. I understand that the following do not affect the performance of the part. They're just different and it makes you wonder. The two that came from one warehouse  are the same and the two that came from the other warehouse are the same.
The two from the one warehouse come with plastic removable caps, and what looks to be like almost a plastic circlip maybe? It also says "20" in gold letters on those ones, where the other one don't say that, they don't say anything in that spot. There's four numbers printed on an area facing the opposite direction of the electoral connector on the other side. The blue cap ones say 0679 & 2017, the uncapped ones say 2739 & 0630.
The one came in a Ziploc bag the other came in a sealed bag. I know that doesn't matter, but it just makes me notice that these are obviously not all coming off the line on the same day.
I'm getting thrown some real curveballs here!  Smile

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  new door window sweeps
Posted by: darkwing7 - 04-14-2021, 08:23 PM - Replies (3)

Does anybody know where I can get new door window sweeps and seals for an 86 turbo coupe?

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  Trunk Lid Cover
Posted by: Mikey97D - 04-09-2021, 02:43 PM - Replies (7)

I got something to cover up the trunk lid that matches the trunk covers.  I really like it.

I had an extra trunk lid that I let Rick borrow and he used it for measurements.  I put an Instagram link to his store below.

[Image: PYqRpWhl.jpg]

[Image: yLcnrqbl.jpg]

[Image: TzbdjgJl.jpg]

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