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im wondering what is the easiest way to get the windshield out... have all the trim off just wondering how to break the seal on it without breaking the windshield???
anyone know??
thanks, Joey
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You really need to get the adhesive heated up so it's easier to cut. Park the car in the sun on a 90 degree day works best (seriously). Then use a utility knife to carefully cut around the glass on the outside and remove as much of the adhesive as possible. Then go inside and cut along the glass (you'll need to get the blade laying almost flat on the glass). Now take a guitar string and push it through the adhesive from the inside. Work the guitar string back and forth to cut the remaining adhesive. You don't have to worry about the bottom of the windshield, just cut the top and both sides. Once it's cut all the way, carefully push the windsheild out from the top. It is important to have the adhesive as warm as possible. Also, go slowly throughout the whole process. Any crack in the glass will grow when your pushing on it!

Jim Portteus
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Jim Portteus

For $130 I call the glass company & they come to where I work & replace it.


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