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Removing roof liner.
Cliff.C Offline
Hey folks....Was just wondering if the roof liner could be removed from the car with the windshield and back window still installed? I have a leak and believe its those half roof rails which I believe are sealed from inside. I was wondering if I removed the seats if I would have the room to remove through the door opening? thanks

Jeff K Offline
Remove dome light and all plastic trim around the headliner, and it will pretty much drop out. It can be "bent" a little to get it out thru one of the doors. If you have a sunroof, it will probably be a little more complicated.
Jeff Korn

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Cliff.C Offline
Thanks Jeff....No sunroof. Just figured someone tried before.. Sometimes measuring doesn't reveal all issues. Thanks

T`s ol fords Offline
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cliff, those pieces of trim are installed before the car is painted and are held in place by small nuts that have silicone on them and kind of squash down as they are tightened to seal the holes, if you take them one at a time and clean and reapply new silicone this should seal them again. inspect and check for rust I hope this helps you out! t`s

Cliff.C Offline
Thanks for the info...Much appreciated.

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