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Removing from ~7 yr. storage - looking for advice
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I have a beautiful dark blue 88 T-bird turbo. It has been in storage out of the elements for about 7 years. It's time to get it out for the warm weather months. I will be getting a tune up of course. Should I have all belts changed just have fresh ones? I have a battery that is 8 years old but it was hardly used; I am re-charging as I write. I never drove it hard or on extended trips, just for pleasure around the area. All struts, tie rods, brakes and exhaust system were update before I put it away. There are about 112,000 miles on it. When I bought in 1995 the were 82,000 miles on it. Any advice you have for bringing my baby back to life is greatly appreciated! - wheeldoctor (Jerry Swim)

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Everyone will have their own recipe but for me, it's all about fuel, oil, and coolant. Get rid of the fuel and run 1/4 tank of fresh gas with a can of seafoam for an hour or so, then top off with the rest of the fuel (93 octane). Change the oil and filter (if it's nasty looking, I change it before I ever turn it over). Check the coolant for proper ratio and flush if you suspect corrosion. I would visually check the belts for cracking/checking and change accordingly. If it was stored inside and on pavement, you should be good to go. The tires will be flat-spotted and inspect for cracking/checking. Make sure the clutch isn't stuck to the flywheel. Check the brakes for operation and make sure they don't stick.
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If it runs funny after changing the fuel and giving it a tune up, you may need to have the fuel injectors cleaned and rebuilt. Don't just buy new ones because they are often junk. A reputable vendor clean and rebuild will be as good as new or better.
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Thanks for your responses - 

I have a new battery and changed out the terminals so I have a nice strong starting action. It just won't turn over. If I keep cranking on it, will that damage the starter or other components? I put it away with a full tank of premium and a bottle of seafoam. I have the car stored in a narrow 15' x 25' unit with concrete floor but I can't get at draining the gas out; sounds light I will be towing it to a service station -eh?

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Have you run a complete code check (KOEO and CM)? Obviously you cant also run KOER codes if the car wont start, but KOEO, and CM codes may point you in the right direction.
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(06-30-2022, 03:21 PM)Jeff K Wrote: Have you run a complete code check (KOEO and CM)? Obviously you cant also run KOER codes if the car wont start, but KOEO, and CM codes may point you in the right direction.

Hi Jeff -

No I haven't. I have it stored in a narrow storage unit ~15' x ~25'.  I can't even get at pumping out the old gas and that's probably the issue. Even though I put it away with a full tank of premium and 3/4 can of seafoam - good gas can go bad after such a long time. I guess I will have it towed to an area service station and let the experts figure it out; cross my fingers it's not too expensive.

Thanks -  

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