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Removal of red stripe
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What is the easiest (and safest) way to remove the red stripe from the rear bumper cover?I need to transfer it to a new cover.
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I'm not certain, but I don't think it's possible to remove it from one car and install it on another. I "redid" mine using pinstripping. You just have to find the correct thickness and match the color. It wasn't something the parts store had in stock, it was a special order. I have some left over somewhere, because you have to buy a pretty long roll.
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The red striping is NOT a sticker. It is a thick piece of actual vinyl trim. The piece in the rear bumper is removable, but you have to do it from inside the cover. The two corners are held in simply by beig shoved under the cover. But why go through all that when I sell the trim new?

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Mike Sells the Trim & it will be easier than removing the old. I have used a Painters Scraper & worked it along the edge to get it out. A Heat gun on a low setting will make it easier. A word to the wise, this only works on the red sripe in the front & read bumper cover. The side moldings are near impossible to remove. I've tried & ruined 4 pieces of trim.
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