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Pictures: Go nuts?
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I'm asking about the ability to attach pictures.
In this day and age I can't imagine a website that doesn't have pictures, it's so great to be able to have them here. It means if someone's account on some other website disappears, we don't have a bunch of empty spaces where they're supposed to be pictures.
But what I wonder is, does this website have a very limited amount of space that mindful members might want to be helpful with?
I find myself adding a lot of photos. I don't know how photo editors are doing it, but I'm attaching some pretty fantastic pictures that somehow have file sizes of only around 50 KB sometimes. But it all starts to add up when you've got a whole bunch of members doing that.
So yeah that's basically my question. Should I be more careful than I am being already?
The image hosting sites are something I'm really not very familiar with. I had free accounts on some hosting websites, but if I was going to give somebody money to host pictures for me I'd rather just pay a little bit more for my membership here. I don't have a need for the service other than here.

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