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Joined the 300,000 mile club
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I FINALLY rolled 300,000 miles in my Bird yesterday. I thought I was going to do it some time in 2013, but Bambi had other ideas. And then when I got back on the road, I started to kill distributors and auxiliary shafts. But I finally got the car back to where I trust it as my daily driver again, and I can honestly say that I still love this car as much as I did when I bought it. For fun I looked through my records to see what all I have replaced over the years.

I purchased the car for $3300 on May 3,1997 with a little over 80,000 miles on the clock.

I've changed the oil 74 times.
It's on at least the sixth set of tires.
I'm on my third radio.
It's on the 6th distributor and 3rd auxiliary shaft.
I'm on the third set of shocks.
I'm on my 4th clutch.
Third set of motor mounts.
Second radiator.
Second heater core (which needs to be replaced, I just don't want to do it).
Second paint job compliments of Bambi.
Three tune-ups.
I'm on my 4th ignition switch.
I'm on the 4th exhaust system.
Second oil pan.
Second starter.
Second rack and pinion.
Third fuel pump.
Second gas tank.
I've lost track of brake pads and rotors, but replaced the rear caliper brackets twice.

I think that's it for most of the "major" stuff. I've had a few other oddball things over the years, but it's crazy how much stuff you will eventually replace.

I've driven this car to both coasts through a total of twenty-seven states. Heck, I even asked my wife out on our first date in this car. I'm hoping I can get another twenty years and 200,000 miles out of this thing.


300K and still ticking

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Jeff K Offline
Congrats on hitting 300K!
Jeff Korn

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Congratulations, that's fantastic. Thanks for the replacement parts list also.
Pete Dunham


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