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Help wanted about rear brakes
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Need some info from anyone that has rebuilt the rear calipers on an '87 or'88 turbocoupe. When I took off the one caliper the bottom bolt just spun after initially loosening caliper bolts and when I got the caliper off the head of the bolt fell off. if the bolts broken are they repairable or do I need to get new mounting brackets or reman brake calipers.

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Ifthe bolt broke off,then it will be much easier to just replace the bracket than trying to save it.I just went through this last summer,they are still available from Ford,and not too unreasonably priced.I listed the part #'s in the part number section back when I got mine.The dealer I went to even had them on the shelf.
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I have a new Ford right rear bracket. I bought a pair in preparation for my brake job and only ended up needing one of them. I paid about $25 shipped for it. You can have it for $20 if you need it. You can buy the hardware pretty cheap at any parts store.
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