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Front Suspension Rebuild; Same as SN-95??
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Just wondering if the SN95 mustang and Turbo Coupe front suspension are the same. I need to rebuild the front suspension (Control Arm, Control Arm Bushings, Ball Joints and Struts) and was wondering if i could purchase SN-95 Control Arms and Ball Joints and if they would be a direct fit onto the Turbo Coupe Front end. The reason i ask is because i herd people were able to put SN95 Springs into their cars no problem and it spiked my interest. If anyone could help, that would be great.
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interested in this..../
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You can use the SN-95 control arms - they are dimensionally the same, but you should use the T-Bird/Cougar ball joints. The stud on the SN-95 ball joint is shorter and have a different thread pitch. There are those who have used them, but I'd play it safe and use the T-Bird ball joints.
Brian Leavitt
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yes control bolt directly into the k-member.
the ball joint is the difference as "B" said.
i am using sn95 control in my TC but um also running SN95 spindles and hubs.
if you swap in TC ball joints dont go cheap, i ran the lower grade in my all stock 87 tc. they pressed in too easily in my opinion. i had this same issue on customer's car when using the lower grade ball joints. I have moog in the 88 with the SN95 set up.
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Are the V-6 and V-8 control arms the same or do you have to use the V-8 ones? Thanks.
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Redbone Wrote:Are the V-6 and V-8 control arms the same or do you have to use the V-8 ones? Thanks.

they are the same.
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