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Brake pressure switch
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I have diagnosed the hard brake pedal and have come up with a few questions. First the pump motor was weak and just stopped pumping. So I located a pump motor from a Mark VII and installed it. The pump is now good and all the warning lights (red/yellow) will go out so long as I jump the 2 wires on the relay connector or jump the 1 and 4 pin outs on the pressure switch connector. So, by following Jeff K's directions I ***ume the pressure switch is bad? All of this happened a few weeks ago during really cold weather. Up until this point I drove this car daily with no brake issues. Is the pressure switch a common failure part? I've noticed it's very expensive from my local dealer I think list was $260.36. I went online and found it for $139.42 from Southwestford and they just call it a pressure switch under the abs brake tab, with no picture or detailed description. Could that be the same part? Anyone else bought one of these online?
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There are 2 pressure switches. The one you want is called the pressure warning switch (PWS).... the one with 5 terminals (yes, it is big $$$). There is also a pressure switch in the line to the rear brakes under the MC. This has nothing to do with brake operation. Its only use is to put the PRC in FIRM mode if brake line pressure exceeds 400 psi. This switch is 2 terminal. Might want to give the dealer(s) a call and ask if the switch has 2 or 5 terminals to tell which switch it is.
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