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Anybody have pictures of a good red interior?
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I'm thinking about dyeing my seats and redoing my dash, both of which have gotten a little bit faded. I'd like to try to match the original color as much as possible, but only have a few spots on my car that are even near original. Does anyone have any pictures of what the red interior looked like new?

I'd really like to have them professionally reupholstered, but I've already put so much money into this car that I'm trying other options to see what I can do.
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Take a look at the interior shots in this album. The tops and the sides on the seats are a bit faded, but the carpet and lower parts of the seat are about as close to original as you're likely to find.

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Wow that interior is super clean. My car is not a turbo but it has red interior. I am too embarrassed to post a pic of mine, it isnt terible but its not good. lol

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Lonstar7's car is very clean and runs good too. He has a beautiful car he can be proud of. I had the pleasure of looking at it in person. His interior is as he states just a little faded on the edges but is as close to original as I have seen in that color.
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