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4.10 gearing = what top speed?
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hey guys, i have a pretty much stock 85.5 TC, its a 5-speed, and i was going to slap some 4.10's in this thing to kind of wake it up on the street. I have the stock 3.42 gearing in it my questions are:
1-will this make my car better for street racing? (stoplight-stoplight, and or Punches)
2-will this absolutely kill my top end?
if someone here that has 4.10 gearing, could you kind of give me an idea of what it should top out at? I know it isnt really owrth putting 4.10 gears in a 7.5 rear, but since mine is in good condition, and i dont plan on dragracing very much, i just thought id come out cheaper and lighter.
Any help appreciated!!!!!
thanks guys
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Go here and figure it out:

If you do a lot of highway driving, 4.10 are going to be buzzy, ask JeffG
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