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140 Speedo on Ebay
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Its going fast@!!!

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And the bad joke of the day award goes to:

Quote:Originally posted by 1988Turboman:
140 Speedo on Ebay...Its going fast@!!!

I would have posted the link, but I couldn't find it.

Mike Walsted
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Are you talking about this one?

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Pete Dunham


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Quote:Originally posted by Pete D:
Are you talking about this one?

Ouch! That's over 3 times what I paid for mine. I guess if you really want it bad enough...

Here's my tip of the day to go with the joke of the day posted previously:

87-88 TC rear end width backing plate to backing plate is almost 3" narrower than any other 87 - 88 Tbird rear end (especially the88 sport). [Image: frown.gif] Also, Ford engineers don't always know what they are talking about. [Image: eek.gif] The moral of the story...just like in any other matter always verify everything for yourself. Don't just take other people's word for it!

Don't ask because I wont tell you how much it cost me to find that out! [Image: mad.gif]
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10 bucks says it goes over 2 hun! Last one on ebay went to 350.00 (forget pork bellies-turbo coupe futures is where my portfolio is going!)
Steve Wagner
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please note broken moutning tab on lower right side - this thing will rattle.

Here is my 1988 TC, Clean look - Glad to be here...
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Here is a pic of my baby
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Here is my 1987 TC, Mean look - Glad to be here...
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$265!!! Good Lord! The price people will pay for toys. Oh wait a minute, I'm one of them.

Never mind.
Les T.
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You know if these things are going for 250 to 300$,it seams somebody could make a new faceplate,re-calibrate a standard speedometer, and make some money. There are places that specialize it speedometers. If they got 165$ that would be a bargain compared to 265$ for a used speedometer!

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