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You win, you lose.
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But how much did you lose by? Every one has an excuse? I didn't come off right? I missed 3rd? I did this or that, and on and on it goes.
Track, go fast. Light - Green, go slow. 70 will do it.
You lose by a .10 or two? Ok. Lose by more? Park it. 0 to 70 you should not be looking at the whole car in your rear view mirror. Take your foot off the peddle and watch him or her go flighting past you. You know you won so who else gives a shit?
Please don't come by me 30 to 40 miles over the speed limit to prove a point. Scares the shit out of me. Have a hard time with the bikes that fly passed me at 100 or more.
Just running my mouth. Getting older. Beats the alternative? BM
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88 TC gillis, modified air filter, 9K
06 ViperTruck,NightRunr 190 of 400
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