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YIPPEE WOO HAAA 1st drive!
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Got to drive the TC tonight.... fun fun fun. Does anyone have a video from the drivers view? I am not sure the turbo is working right boosts to around 10psi then falls off as soon as you stop pressing the gas. Been a long time since I have drove a TC (like 1988) so it may be OK not sure. Don't laugh too hard at me LOL Smile

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Do you mean it falls off as in, stops building boost? or falls off like it spikes to 10 then fades. Is it an automatic?
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"falls off as soon as you stop pressing the gas"... This is normal. Boost readings are taken from the head side of the throttle plate. When you let off the gas, not only does the turbine wheel stop getting the heat and flow needed to create boost, you throttle plate is stopping it from coming in.

As far as the 10psi, need more details on the care (year/tranny/boost control method)

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Run that tank empty (or as close as you are comfortable with) and put some premium gas in it then switch your reg/premium fuel switch to premium aready! Smile

Oh, I saw 1988 and had a brainfart thinking you had a 88TC. I don't think '85s' have the fuel switch... so if you have an intercooler get a control valve and set boost where you want.

10 psi is roughly the setting of the wastegate actuator, that is normal for one that is properly working.
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