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Working electronic ride control. Should i keep or sell.
skwsproul Offline
Junior Member
Ok i am considering upgrading the suspension. I am thinking tube arms and coil overs along with stiffer sway bars ect.. The ERC works fine with no issues in auto or firm. Looking for feedback from those who have ventured this path and maybe let me know if the stock setup is worth anything or wanted from someone in this group. EBAY is a potato and I hate selling there.

Jeff K Offline
The only things I have seen or heard of failing in the PRC system are the hard and / or soft relays in the trunk by the PRC computer, but these relays are a VERY rare fail, and even if they do fail, they are just plain old Ford relays available anywhere. Other more common failure are the actuators on the shocks and struts. Usual failure modes are bad contacts on the position sensors inside the actuators of the "motors" get gummed up. Both of these issues can be fixed by taking apart the actuators. If someone has a failed actuator and doesnt want to take it apart to fox it, a replacement is the only option.

Personally never heard of the PRC computer fail, but it anything is possible.

The PRC struts / shocks are not available new and havent been available new for 20++ years. If yours are in reasonable shape, someone may want them.

To sum up, only parts I can see anyone wanting are the computer, the actuators, or possibly the PRC shocks / struts if they are in good condition.
Jeff Korn

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John B Offline
I can't speak to the PRC suspension as when I bought my 88TC 6 years ago, it was replaced with some basic replacement shocks but I have done a full coilover conversion on the car. The front has tubular control arms with maximummotorsports coilovers. The rear has upper and lower tubular control arms with MM coilovers. The car handles like it's on rails. Unfortunately, I don't have any comparison data but this setup has been amazing on my car. Highly recommend it if you'd looking to upgrade down the road. Also depends on what you want to accomplish with the car. I drive very spiritedly on back roads and would like to turn this into a road race vehicle at some point.
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