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Wipers and noise
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ok my wipers dont go all the way down and i have this humming noise coming from the cluster area that goes away when the wipers are on. anyone have any ideas?

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It's not going into the "park" position. Mine does it sometimes, but if I put them on and off a few times, sooner or later they will park. I would also like to know if there is something to adjust to fix this. Maybe it's a Long Island problem. lol. Where on the Island are you?
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I can some but not all light. One possibility for non-parking wipers is mechanical with the motor and 'transmission'
Here is the text of the repair procedure:
Quote:7.1 Windshield Wipers won't return to "rest" position. This is a common problem on all Aero birds that is easily
fixed in less than 30 minutes. I have successfully repaired two cars with this same problem.

1. Open the Hood, and prop it up.

2. Turn the ignition key down to the accessory position, and turn on the wipers. turn the ignition key back to OFF
when the wipers are at the end of their sweep, farthest from rest.

3. Locate the wiper motor on the upper right on the firewall (to the right of the master brake cylinder).

4. Remove the wiring harness plug from the wiper motor. This may prove difficult if the plug has been on the motor for
some time.

5. Using a socket, remove the three screws that hold the entire wiper motor assembly from the firewall. Note: do not
remove just the motor cover, remove the entire assembly.

6. Pull the assembly away from the firewall, and carefully remove the locking clip from the wiper motor arm. You may
need to use a screwdriver.

7. Slide the wiper linkage arm off of the wiper motor arm, and remove the entire assembly from the car.

8. Directly under the wiper motor arm, there is a rectangular plate that slides horizontally between two guide plates.
These plates, over time, will bend downward and let the plate spin freely. This prevents the wipers from lowering
properly, although they may work fine in normal operation. Lubricate the inside of the guide rails with grease. Line up
the rectangular plate between the guide rails, with the notch on the top of the rectangular plate towards the
passenger side of the motor assembly.

9. Using a flathead screwdriver, gently pry the rails back until they fit snugly with the rectangular plate.

10. To test the motor assembly, attach the wiring harness, and place the motor on a cloth to insulate it from any
grounds in the engine compartment. Turn the key to accessory, and run the wipers though all of their speeds, making
sure that the wiper motor arm stops in the same place every time they wipers are turned off.

11. Disconnect the wiring harness, and beginning with step 7, work backwards to reinstall the wiper motor assembly.
Test the wipers once the motor is installed in the car. If they still do not work properly, it is a problem with wiring, or
internally with the motor and it should be replaced.
I believe there is some control module in the dash - the buzzing noise when the wipers won't park. I have a no park on the white car and I have already investigated the above procedure. That seemed like it was going top help but it didn't last. So I think it's either a wiring/connector issue or something to do with the module in the dash which I haven't had time to research yet. I think I remember an old post where somebody spoke about the module but I haven't had time to search.
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Every time mine have failed to park exercising the switch on the column has fixed it. I don't drive my car much these days so it seems if it's been sitting for a really long time the wipers always fail to park. So I figure it's just corroded contacts. I've never heard any buzzing when they fail to park.
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I had this problem on my old '86 Cougar, I fixed it by adding a ground wire to the wiper motor. Evidently the factory one is marginal at best.
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If its buzzing under the dash I'd bet on the delay module.

On my 86, replacing it solved the no park condition, the buzzing under the dash when the wipers failed to park, and the erratic delay funtion when the wipers were on.

It's a black box, about the size of a pack of cigarettes, mounted above the steering column if I remember correctly. It's tight, but you can get it out from underneath the dash.

FYI: I've had bad luck with junkyard replacement modules. The life of this module seems to be about 20 years. I think they may be repairable by replacing the capacitors, but I haven't tried it yet.

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