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Wiper Governor Module
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Stopped by Ford today, not because I thought I would be able to get one of these, just wanted to make sure I was searching with the right numbers.
The Part# on mine is E5SF 17C476 AA. Only the 17C476 is molded into the part, the rest is in white lettering.
That part number I was told is updated in the Ford system automatically to Part#  E3SZ17C476A  Motocraft#SW-1874
Had him cross reference the part with any vehicle you might find it in. I doubt it would come as a surprise to most that the same ones are in the Thunderbirds and Cougars.
What may or may not be surprising was that according to the computer, the exact same one can be found in any Thunderbird or Cougar between 1980-1997.

For what it's worth... I was talking to him a bit, and mentioned that I noticed that the number in the mold 17C476 seems to be a common number found on a variety of Ford wiper governor modules from the era(80's, 90's). I've even seen some that had identical connectors, but the blades were in the wrong spot. I asked him if the chip board inside each of these different units would be the same just with different connectors and wires etc.
He said he does believe they are, meaning any governor with 17C476 likely would work, if you were willing to do the soldering.
I guess the only way we'll ever know is if they cant be had at all someday and someone has to give that route a try!

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