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Winter Prep?
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Hey guys! I unfortunately have to drive my TC through the winter this year, and I was wondering if there is anything extra I can do to protect the car from rust. It's very solid right now, with only one spot of rust underneath the battery tray( leaking Battery apparently ). The clearcoat has peeled in spots, but otherwise, the car is in nice shape. Any suggestions for protecting the paint, besides washing it every week and avoiding driving the car on wet, salty roads?
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A good coat of good wax for the top and look underneath for any bad spots and touch them up with paint or undercoating.
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Also, when washing your car weekly, be sure to wash the underside as well.
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two words....snow tires....with snow tires and some weight in the should be able to get around ok.

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definitely make sure you wash the under carriage very good. not sure if they salt the roads in NY but the salt gets into every litle nook and cranny and thats what makes the rust bad. Also watch the strut towers, as they seem to rot out really easily too.
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Yeah, New York uses salt,ALOT. I just undercoated the back fenders and quarterpanels, so that should help a little. Now I have to do the front. I have to buy some more undercoat though. The strut towers you're right about. I just hate trying to get at them to sand and paint. Thanks for all of your suggestions guys!
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If you got rust under the battery tray, it may extend back to or beyond the strut tower. Saw that on one of mine. I removed the tray, cleaned it off, treated with POR-15 and then painted to color
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WD40 spray works well in the nooks and crannys to keep the water and salt from settling, also works well under the window edges where the chrome/rubber meets the metal.

ive HEARD of a 'kerosene and chassis grease' mix doing the same, but dont quote me on that.

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I would recommend something a little stronger than wax. There are polyurethane polishes on the market that would protect your paint much better. Turtlewax has a brand but I forget what it's called. It's in a green bottle. You'd have to read the label to make sure it has polyurethane in it. Liquid Glass (a little pricey) and NuFinish are also good. You can get them at any parts store.
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i always try to after it snows i always clean the car at the pressure wash using the wax rinse as a final rise and getting all under the car, and then after that i drive it for about 30mins to get air flow to dry it completely, don't want the water to sit anywhere for long
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