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Window Tint Film Removal
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When I bought my TC the owners before me installed the film tint on all windows. I removed the film on all the windows except the rear. I have defrost so I'm reluctant to scrape the tint off. Does anyone have any luck with an adhesive removal type product to get that crap off my window? I am going to get a professional tint on it and, I really don't want to pay anymore than it already is to have them remove the rear tint.
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I've seen some sort of film removal spray, I want to say it's either at the Zone or Advance Auto. I've used ether (starting fluid) to remove the adhesive, but that was on side windows, not on the rear. I'd spray a very small section then rub with a cloth to remove the adhesive. I would look for the stuff you buy from the Zone or Advance though.
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as much as i all about only me working on my car. glass i never get involved with.
i had my tinter remove the tint off my sisters car, unfortunitly it wasnt a successs due to the age and it being bubbled up, but he offer us a good deal on a used window.
my rear window was trhe same al bubble up purple tint, but i new my rear defroster didnt work.
but my dark blue TC they successfully remove the tint with otu ruinign the defroster. only two lines dont work, which didnt work when it was tinted anyway.

if you can get access to an area where there is no defroster lines soak the edge of it with adhesive remover and a heat gun on the outside with a helper and just slowly to save the defroster.

i miss my rear5 defroster when it get foggy im lost in reverse, gues si shoudl install one of my extra wondows.......
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Thanks for the replies, I am going to try the spray from Autozone or Advanced. I don't have access to a heat gun so that option is under the bus. If the removal spray doesn't do the trick then I'll pay to get it removed professionally.
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Have you tried detergent and water. The film is adhered with a water soluable adhesive. Water and detergent in a spray bottle will usually take it off. Work from the edge and peel it off slowly while keeping the glass and film wet with the spray.
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I wish the previous owner of my '88 had read this before I bought it. He took the defroster off with the film. I guess he ran out of patience.
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I know Gila make some stuff they sell it at oreilly's. Comes in a spray bottle. I haven't used it but I've heard good things.
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I didn't want to try and work all cramped up and upside down in the back seat, so I paid a come-to-you window shop to remove my rear window, then come back a few days later when I called them to put it back in.

So I was able to put the window flat on a piece of carpet, and work on it that way. First I used hot water and then Windex, and I finally "graduated" to Jassco paint remover and a plastic window scraper. After two sessions with that I used more Jassco and some green Scotch-Brite scrubbing pads.

I was able to completely remove the 16 year old tint and still save the defrost lines. Total cost was $90 for the window removal and subsequent reinstall, and maybe $8 - $12 for the supplies.
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