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Window coming off the track ???
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My passenger side window is f'd up.

Here are the symptoms:

It barely moves when you press the up or down switch, and it sounds like it is binding. The motor is fine. The motor teeth are ok, and the teeth on the window arm seem ok as well.

If I push/pull on the window as I operate the switch, I can get the window down/up.

With the switch off, I can pull the window all the way UP fairly easily, but it will only go DOWN a 1/4-inch by pushing it down manually.

A few weeks back, I heard a thud from the passenger door after I hit a bump on the highway. It was after this that the window started acting up.

Any ideas? If it is coming off the track, where would that be?

When I took the motor out to check it, I clamped the window in case it tried to slip down but it never budged. This did not seem normal to me.

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My passenger side is in the same shape. I was going to ttake the door panel off and work on it, but the weather is so lousy I don't need to.
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You will have to remove the trim panel and see where it's binding. The glass may or may not have pulled out of the clips that secure it to the glide at the bottom of the glass. When I had to reglue my passenger side glass I found the the glide itself was binding and it had a lot of sand or sand like material in it. That took a long time to clean, but everything moved much easier when it was cleaned and relubed with grease. Good luck

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