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Will Dual Electric Fans On Older Birds Work
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Will a twin fan set up on the radiator from an 87-88 TC work on an 85 TC. and will both fans spin at the same time? Will I need to do any special wiring?
Christopher Taylor
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I use that exact setup on my wifes 30 overbored 85.5. It does however require additional wiring and a relay to carry the load of both fans. I simply used a 50 amp. mega fuse from the battery pos. term. to a Bosch heavy duty relay to the fans positve side which I spliced both together. Then spliced both ground sides to a chassis ground and use the original fan power wire to the relay trigger post. If you use your A/C in heavy, slow traffic it will put a strain on your charging system.
Hope this helps, Rick B.

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Like Rick says, it will require a relay and fuse or circuit breaker.

If you wanted to wire them up to work the same way as an 87/88 (one comes on at a certain temp, the other comes on at a higher temp, and [can't remember which] one of them is on if the A/C is on), then you will have to do additional wiring. That doesn't sound like a good time. I would just have them both come on at the same time, based on a thermostatic switch or a switch in the dash.

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