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Wierd Brake Symptom
Hwyman Offline
Ok guys. This has me boggled.
there was two major accidents on the highway yesterday so It was a constant stop and go for about an hour and a half before I got off the highway and took a detour.
Before this detour, my abs and brake warning lights came on.
The brakes were working fine however and I couldnt figure it out.
When I finally got home, My car sat for about an hour before I used it again, and the lights came on for the start up system test then went out like normal.
Could this have been heat related?? maybe the brake fluid was boiling and should be changed?

Matt S Offline
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That happened to me once. I attribute it to flaky wiring on one of the wheel sensors. Next time I started it the light is out.

In any event, if just the ABS light comes on it only means you've lost the ABS function but your brakes operate as normal. If it stays on you can run the codes to see what the issue is.
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Jeff K Offline
Is your brake fluid level low?
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Hwyman Offline
Nope. Break fluid was at normal level. I also forgot to mention that I was able to push my foot all the way to the floor also. I didnt need to, to stop but I tried it just to see if it could be done. Today the breaks were normal again like nothing even had occured.

Ralph H. Offline
Maybe the accumulator didn't fill up all the way,got stuck,then unstuck after car cooled off.Just a thought.

Martin Offline
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I have noticed that in my car, when the engine is running, that you can push the pedal to the floor. I was on the other side of that mess by Lickman road! And for the heck of it, I was pushing down on the pedal to see what the brakes would do. ( little these to amuase myself in traffic!!!) It has always been like that! I believe its normal, but then again, would be nice to hear that everyone elses does it as well!!!
As for the Idjit Lights, never had it happen. Did you actually try the ABS while the lights were on, or just normal braking?
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Hwyman Offline
normal breaking. seeing as how both lights were on, I didnt want to romp on it and have no stopping ability.

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