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why the rubber moulding
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ive seen 99% of bird have the metal moulding between the body and the back window, i have a rubber one and it finally cracked or pulled apart from the constant hot and cold. how do i get a new rubber moulding everyone has metal and i dont think i can switch could i ? it makes my back end look like crap

William Waters Offline
if memory serves me right mid year 87 ford switched to thr plastic moldings the metal ones have a metal piece that looks like the head of a nail welded to the body that the clips fasten to without them you dont have a way to fasten the molding check with ford to see if the plastic/rubber molding is a good part yet other option is the bone yard any model bird will work

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Close Bill. It was a mid (model) year 88 change. Any 88 built 12/87 or after had the rubber moulding.

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