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Why the head gasget blew.
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I'm assuming the head gasket blew, I really don't know yet.
I understand overheating would be the primary cause because that can warp the head. Here's my TC's history (I'm the original owner):
130K miles of joy. Some years ago the temp gauge failed and always reads pegged hot. Because of that I always checked fluids very often. It has never boiled over or been low on oil or coolant and it has never been driven hard for a full minute. Also some years ago, I replaced the thermostat finding the old one had disintegrated. I replaced it with one which is supposed to fail open when it fails. I was not totally satisfied as to how the new one seated. Since that replacement, after driving, I often hear gurgling like it is going to boil over but it never does or did.
Any clues here that it might have overheated and I might not know about it?
Geoff Whitney

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