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why does it feel faster than it is?
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hey guys...just noticed driving my tbird...the thing feels alot faster than it runs...from the butt-o-meter..i should be in the low 9's atleast.. in the 1/8 mile...but i am only able to hit 9.8's and up [Image: frown.gif] is this a traction problem? i drop the clutch at 3500,and either bog..or spin...ya think this car is capable of more?
-85 Turbocoupe 5-speed
-Hurst shifter
-Full 2.5 Dynomax Super turbo system (Cat gone)
-Saab9000 intercooler(front mount)
-Gillis set at 18-20
-K&N on VAM
-93 octane
-14-16 degrees timing
whats the deal? am i spinning...or is this all it has?
85 Turbocoupe. 5-speed.
Mods- single 2.5 inch exaust with highflow cat and Apex bullit muffler, Saab 9000 front mount IC,Centerforce II clutch kit, Gillis BV set at 19psi,K&N on VAM, Hurst shorthrow shifter.
BEST ET-(1/8)-9.7 @71.9 mph

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It sounds like the problem is in the clutch technique. I bet you'll be faster if you try this:

1. Hold the revs where you want, best around 3500- 4k

2. Release the clutch rapidly till you feel it catch, then slowly release it as the car begins to surge forward

Done properly it will launch like a rocket and not do too much harm to the clutch.

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Oh, and if you get the launch timing down, try staging as shallow as possible, it will help cut down your e.t.

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What are your 60' times? A good 60' is critical in the 1/8 mile. You should be able to do 2.0-2.2 sec on street tires.
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Put a line lock on your front breakes. Then you can set the breaks and get on you clutch a little so it isn't all at once. You can get one at Summit Racing.

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Quote:Originally posted by FlyByeBoy:
Put a line lock on your front breakes. Then you can set the breaks and get on you clutch a little so it isn't all at once. You can get one at Summit Racing.

I wouldn't expect that to be very good for a stock organic clutch, or any clutch for that matter. As organic clutches heat up, their coefficient of friction drops dramatically, resulting in clutch slippage and a severely shortened lifespan of the clutch. If you want to build boost on the line, try a two-step rev limiter / timing retard system like the one Glenn88TC uses.

PoweredByPsi - What kinds of trap speeds are you running through the 1/8th mile? With a decent 2.0 60', I was turning 77-78mph in the 1/8th with my 1/8th mile times in the 9.0 range. ET's can vary a LOT, but trap speeds tend to be much more consistent.

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Best trap speed: 98.44mph

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