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who says cars don't have heart...
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This morning I had 3 meetings and nothing after lunch.

I hopped in my bird and first crank…nothing. Second crank…nothing. It had been sitting a while on an incline so I tried a 3rd time and it fired right up.

Went to my meetings and as I pulled into my driveway it QUIT completely and coasted into it's parking spot!

I tried to pull codes and NOTHING, looked up "Unable To Retrieve EEC Codes" and got to looking around and found the top wire out of the IRCM burned where the PO had spliced it, so I cleaned it up and re-spliced it (will sodder it this weekend) and she fired right up again Smile

If that isn't a car with heart, I have no idea what on earth it could be!

Mission Complete!

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Congrats. Good story!
Pete Dunham


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Congratulations on finding the problem and solving the issue.
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