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Who has the most rust? Top this....
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Has anyone ever seen a TC this rusty before? This was a daily driver until the AT went out. When they went in to fix the tranny, they found "some rust" and thought it may be getting too dangerous to drive. Gee, ya think?
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AWWWWW! Nothing that a little bit of bondo could not fix....yeah right.

All that I have to say is "WOW What a hole!!!"

Jim B Big Grin .
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Actually, that wouldn't be too difficult to fix if the sub-frame rail isn't totally gone.
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Holy bacon!
Was that thing parked in a salty, muddy field for 200 years, or what?
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Quote:Originally posted by DonH:
Actually, that wouldn't be too difficult to fix if the sub-frame rail isn't totally gone.
Really? Can you fix mine? Big Grin

My 88TC wasn't that bad but it was close. Junked it anyways. Rust right there is more common than you think. My 87TC is starting the same process. =/
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Looked like mine in MASS
Passenger side strut tower, wheel wells, door bottoms, rocker panels, and the gas tank boxes where the straps bolted into had to be rebuilt as the rust monster had eatten completely away.. Got a nice southern car now but it giving me new issues beside Rust to worry about

Wifes Cougar was starting to look the same underneath now is safe

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Mine was the exact same...i just removed turbo and ac stuff and welded it all up and closed it off and painted it so it wont rust no more....ill get pics of mine if ur interested....

enjoy the fix
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phew, that isnt anything.

Want to see rust shoot on down here I will show you my mustang. 1/4s, doors, floors, cowls all bad. The floors are done, doors are easy cowl gets covered up since it will be an inside car. Only hard part is the 1/4s. Cant wait

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Rust??? What's that??? Never seen it.
Big Grin
Sold it Sad*

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hey mike is that from the parts car you just bought in cedar? my first 88 tc had a large, probably softball sized rust hole right next to the turbo.
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