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White smoke from engine bay
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There seems to be white smoke comming from the passenger side of the engine bay, up by the turbo. It only does it after ive pulled a really big hill by running the rpms high in 1st and it smokes only for a coupe of seconds. Is this anything to be worried about like a cracked line or could it be a blowoff of compressed air? Could it be someting else?


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Can you catch the smell to see if it's sweet (coolant) or smells like oil? Either way it won't fix itself.

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Do you have any insulation on you Turbo Charger? If so it might be getting a little more heat after the big hill and causing the smoke.

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Jack the car up and start it when it is completely cool. That way you can check for leaks such as a coolant line from the turbo. If you do this when the car is hot, you can see the water because it evaporates before you have a chance to see it. It sound like one of the coolant line hoses is leaking.
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I had the "same" problem, but as I quoted here it was a heater hose...

The bold is a quote...

I got in to my TC and lit 'em up for a sec or 2 and when I stopped at the store, less than a mile, there was steam coming from the hood vents.

Found it was a hose from the fire wall, a lil 6" hose, had a chaff and a split hose, For $3.99, I aint complaining.

This was my problem in the same area, look around, on the right side near the hood hinge, close to the firewall, behind the intercooler, and that is where my "leak" was.


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