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where to find uncracked head? Help!
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sorry I posted this in the wrong forum earlier:

Crap im having more problems than expected but I am determined. I have two nice cracks on number 1&2 cylinders that run across the exhaust seat. I am having trouble finding a used or rebuilt head that is the correct head or that has actually been checked for cracks. Would hate to buy a used head off ebay only to find it is cracked as well. Can someone please help me?

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If you're having that much trouble finding one, get an N/A head. Just need to open up the chamber and put in exhaust valves.
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i've got a spare head that i can have checked if you need's the factory turbo head off of an 88.
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I feel your pain. I bought 3 engines and had 5 heads checked before finding a good na head. We ported it and opened the chambers up a little and put it on with the stock valves. So far so good...knock on wood.I've been running 21 psi all summer. I do plan on upgrading the valves in the near future though. The Holset may push them over the threshhold. Good luck. Tom
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the oval port pinto heads are good to turbo too. and easy to find around here.
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