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Where on the temp gauge does your car run?
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Just trying to feel out where my car should be running. After about 45 minutes of 85 mph we stopped in at McDonalds. Sitting the drive thru, I decided to check the old gauges. Ouch! It was running at the very top of the "normal range". Once I got back out on the road, no problem, but that kind of scared me. Does the car do this normally?


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I recently had my radiator removed, cleaned, pressure tested, new hoses, and stat. I drove the car from Philadelphia to Southern Maryland, doing about 75 most of the way, it stayed around the O Normal. In traffic (hit a bunch) it would heat up some, slightly over the halfway, but never near the top. I have read and know the gauges can be wacky, but if it isn't irratic and such, I would be inclined to say you are running a little hot. I would suggest flushing the system and pressure testing it before tearing into the cooling system.

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Or stick a cooking thermometer in the radiator and see how that compares with what your gauge is doing.

Are your cooling fans working properly. Info in the FAQs
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Quote:Originally posted by Pete D:
Or stick a cooking thermometer in the radiator and see how that compares with what your gauge is doing.

Not saying anyone is stupid or anything but please don't remove the rad cap while it is that hot to stick the thermometer in the rad.

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