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Where old TC's go to die....................(PICS)
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It's not tech but just figured I'd post it. As of yesterday, '86 TC, '84 TC and '79 carbed turbo Mustang at the Windsor, CA. pick-n-pull. All are 5-spd. The '86 replaced an '88 5-spd that had been there for a couple months but was gone when I went up yesterday. It's amazing how many turbo 4's this yard gets. I've probably seen 15-20 in the last year! Sorry for the crappy pics, it was early morning. Just thought you guys might enjoy.

This '86 had just come in and was complete! It was that gunmetal grey color with no dents at all and no lifting clearcoat. The paint was dirty but pristine! Leather Raven interior with uncracked dash! Gorgeous car! I grabbed the Marchal foglights for myself.

The '84 had dents and the turbo was seized (it's holding up the hood). I grabbed the cherry halo headrests for myself.

The carbed turbo 'Stang had rearended somebody and the interior was fairly well striped. Sunroof car. Note the snowflakes on the rear.
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Sad sights.
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Wow, thats sad.. I thought you were going to show us pics of Mike's Place after that title........ wait...mabey it IS Mike's place.... LOL
All hail Project "Marauder" !

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Don't you hate to see that?
It makes you wonder what a car would say if it could talk.
That '86 looks to be in great shape! It even has keyless and illuminated entry! Can you save it from the yard?
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If no one buys mine and I end up parting it I will video tape it being crushed for you guys.
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You're mean Glenn.

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I went to the J/Y yesterday looking for birds but there where no TCs. Bad for me but good in general.

Glenn, the day before you make that video, make up a box for me. Send me every relay (engine and behind dash), switch, door lock solinoid, trunk / gas lid release button, elec module, main pc, headlight, tail light, blinker, dome light, rear reading light trim, digital environment controller, seat belt latch and A/C compressor that you have.

You will defentilly go on my Christmas card list.
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I just saw an 84 turbo coupe at the yard yesterday. I need to start taking a camera.

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its a sad site cause we arent there to pick parts...

Glenn, i hear ya, i'll be parting a 85 XR7 soon

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Quote:Originally posted by thundr306:
I just saw an 84 turbo coupe at the yard yesterday. I need to start taking a camera.
Where in PA???
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