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Where do these brackets go?
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Apparently, the photos I took before tearing into this car aren't quite good enough Sad

Can anyone tell me where these two parts go?

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i have dismantled quite a few turbocoupes and i can't remember ever seeing those brackets. are you sure they belong to your TC?
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AFAIK, the one on the right is a motor pulling bracket; there's usually one on the engine passenger side rear, bolted to a couple of the exhaust manifold bolts, and one on the drivers side bolted to the intake manifold. The one on the left I'm unsure of but it kind of looks like some sort of pivot bracket. Hood? <shakes head in mystery>
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The rear lifting eye only attaches with one bolt that is one of the exhaust manifold bolts (87-88) because I remember well the nut holding it came loose, the bracket rotated back and vibrated on the fire wall under certain conditions. I though it was a tranny issue at first. Neither of those are lifting eyes but I don't know what they are.
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The one on the right is a chevy yank bracket. The original 2.3 had a tear drop pulling eye on the exhaust manifold and one on the intake. WE have tuns laying around the shop. My dad leaves them off all the time. The one on the left looks like a hood mount lower hinge bracket. What car or engine did you take them from. The one on the right is definately a chevy. Ford usually uses the exhaust manifold bolts for their yank eyes. And they look like a tear drop. TOM JR

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I'm pretty sure these came off of my car. The TC is the only project car I've had since 2002... That doesn't necessarily mean that they belong to it though, after all I'm not the original owner.

The one that looks like a hood hinge bracket may very well be just that. I'll check it out. I took one car apart and scrapped the body (frame was rusted pretty bad), so it may have come from the other car.

Thanks for trying to help! Maybe I can't figure out where they go because they just don't belong...
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+1 on the right one..s.b chevy lifting eye..left one looks like an early model s.b chevy smog pump bracket...shrugs.
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