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whats the difference in certain wheels?
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just a question. i am buying some 17x8's from a friend of mine with a prelude. the lugs dont fit(even being universal 4 bolt) but i am going to buy adapters for these wheels(yes i want these things real bad!!) anything different between FWD and RWD wheels besides bolt patterns? thanks for any help.
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The main differences tend to be offset and backspacing. Make sure the wheels have no more than 5.5" backspacing by laying the wheel face-down and with a straitedge lying across the back of the wheel, measure from the hub mounting surface to the straitedge.

Offset will effect how far the wheels "poke out" of the wheel well.

If I remember right, Prelude's are 4x100mm, but a universal 4lug pattern should bolt up.
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