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What wheel studs for darglites?
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I did a search and didn't find anything. I know I need at least a 3" wheel stud to run with my draglites. Does anybody have a part number so I know I will get the right ones. The rear end is an 88 TC 8.8 disc brake. Summit lists some 1/2-20 RH 3.5" long studs with a .625 knurl that I am thinking are the right ones but I don't really want 3.5" if somone else makes some in 3" long that will work.
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You can run draglites on the stock studs, I did.

From rock auto to give you the knurl dia.
DORMAN Part # 610260 {AutoGrade Hardware Type Serrated Stud Thread 1/2-20 Knurl Dia. .618" Length 1-13/16" Shoulder Length 3/8"}

From summit - part #'s
MOR-46180 or ARP-100-7707 or MSR-8010
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