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What to should I get.
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I am looking to add some performance parts to my car. After getting all the bugs worked out and having it run reliably I think I am ready. I have around $500 to spend. I was just curious what the best stuff to start out is. I was thinking a Stinger Exhaust, my current one that came with the car goes from the downpipe to a 1 1/2" Y pipe. All the way back to flowmaster mufflers. I think this is limiting my flow along with a very horrible sound.

I was also thinking maybe come across the Ranger Roller camshaft. However I want to make sure I am it is worth the price. Like the couple on Ebay.

Help and thoughts would be appreciated thank you.
1988 Turbo coupe, K&N filter, Boost Controller, Stinger 3" exhaust.

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The exhaust system is absolutely a great place to start.
If you can budget for upgrading the air filter as well, that would be good too.

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If you want a cam, check out Boport.
Jeff Korn

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Ranger roller is a good option to replace the stock cam if its warn out....If the stocker is in good shape...rock that.

Cone and exhaust is a must for any turbo car.

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I have a Cone on my car, but I think I should reroute that better. I wont do the Ranger cam since my cam is pretty good anyway. I bought my car with an exhaust on it but it is pretty bad. It goes from the 2" downpipe to a gutted cat then to a Y pipe that goes from 2"s to 2 1 1/4" pipes to some flowmasters.
I was thinking getting a Single 3" back with a magnaflow or something from the Stinger Performance site would be best.

Now after I get all that what else should I seem to go for? I already have a boost controller. I would love to port and polish my head but it would be pretty damn expensive I think. I was thinking a good tune would be good since I dont know when my vehicle had one last. Thank you for your alls input on the matter. I willbe sure to try and do this in my next couple pay checks when I get the cash saved up(had to pay off an unexpected bill this week and I will sit on the cash just incase instead till I save some more up).
1988 Turbo coupe, K&N filter, Boost Controller, Stinger 3" exhaust.

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FMIC is a good investment after exhaust.
Brian Leavitt
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B Wrote:FMIC is a good investment after exhaust.

Was planning on that since I already bought my Stinger Exhaust as of 2 days ago. Planning on doing a Fuel pump and a FMIC afterwards.
Fun fun, I really cant wait to put it on. As I said in my last post, my current exhaust the one I got with the car I hate and has a pesky rattle and pretty restrictive.
1988 Turbo coupe, K&N filter, Boost Controller, Stinger 3" exhaust.

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I'm thinking about the Stinger single 3" also, how do you like it now that you got it? What muffler did you go with?
Chas K
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