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What the heck do you guys do with your drinks?
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I guess I never noticed until the other day when I actually had a drink that the TC has no cupholders at all. At least on my Mustang I could put cups between the e-brake handle and the passenger seat.

What do you guys do?
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I did the simple thing and went to Wal-Mart and bought the old style ones that have the hook that slips in between the window and door. They were like 2 bucks for four of them and the blue matches my interior fine. But maybe that is to easy... [Image: wink.gif]

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a. between driver's door and seat
b. between pass seat and console
c. I have a fire extinguisher on the right side of the console, so between there and the front of the pass seat

I use only bottles with caps now (too many spills)

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I drink my coffee before I leave home. [Image: smile.gif]

My car is built for drivers.LOL
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I use my lags. Work just fine.
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I have one of these hook on plastic units, however the catch is the bottom of the cup only sits on the holder and not normally my coffee spills on the floor on the passenger side...makes for some interesting acrobatics first thing in the morning.
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I took the pull out cupholder out of a 91 Ford Taurus. I put it just above the radio. Works fine, but you cant push it in.

My next project is to cut a hole in the flip-up compartment in between the seats and place a universal cupholder there with the help of a upholstery shop.
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Tuck your drink in between the seatbelt buckle and the console. It works great but not with big cups.
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I have put many things in the center console. Many soft drinks included....

My All time favorite, though, is that a one quart container of skim milk ( square shape ) fit perfectly (:

Never had any spills whatsoever.

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