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What the frick?
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OK this is weird. Whenever I wash my car at the local quickie wash, or it rains really hard, when I get in my car and shut the door and/or start moving, water drips out of the bottom of my pillar gauge pod (from the inside of the A-pillar cover). I'm trying to figure out exactly how water got in there in the first place???

Example, last night it rained hard and when I got in my car this morning, water dripped from the bottom of the pod. It rained lightly the rest of the day and I didn't see any more water.

Could it just be a bad seal between the top of the door and the weatherstripping that is letting water run down into the A-pillar cover? I looked at everything the other day and I'm stumped.
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I would say you probably have a bad door seal. Look at the seal and see if there are any splits in it or it pulled slightly away from the door itself. Also could be your door isn't closing properly due to a bad hinge. Just my 2 cents worth.

Also, are you getting any wetness around the top or side of your windshield? Could be the seal broke there too.

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i'm having the same problem right now. i think part of it is do to the weather stripping and the other half do to the windshield (or at least in my case). i was going to seal up the windshield with RTV and check to see if ford still sells (though, i highly doubt!) the door weather stipping.

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This condition is likely a combination of two things. One, your primary door sseals have taken a set and don't quite apply the same sealing load against the door as the did when new. Second, your hinges may be wearing and when this happens the door at the front edge will not be closed as tightly against the body.

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Do you have a moon roof? I believe the piller is also a gutter drain for the moon roof. I have a bad seal on my 88 driver and it doesn't leak into the head liner. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
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