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What should it run in the quarter?
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What should I resonably expect out of this set-up?

Esslinger Alum. D-port - Installing this weekend
Schneider Cam - Int .450, Ext. .450, duration Int 274 deg, Ext. 264 deg with 115 deg lobe separation angle.
T3/T4 Stage III w/super v
Fast EFI w/55lb injectors
Spearco SVO front mount intercooler
V8 T5
Spec Stage 3+ Installing this weekend
8.8 w/3.75's
Lots of other odds and ends.
Weight 3500lbs with driver.

Will it make 400HP?


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Might want to add the boost level. Thats the biggest factor.You can also compare your combo to the fastest tc list combos to get you in the ball park. heres the link.;t=000029
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Your description of the turbo is vague and makes guessing worthless. The supporting parts should be capable. I can't remember what 55# inj are good til. You also forgot to mention tires and if you have a 2-step limiter.

With the info given I would say 330hp at 22#'s boost and 14.0 at 101mph with a 2.3 60'.
88 TC / T5,4.56,Log,SC60,NPR,2277,MegaSquirt

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Yeah I dont think 55's are large enough. They werent for me. I was running them as hard as I could. More fuel pressure and I had the tuner table turned as high as it would go. 75's are in my TC now.
11's in a TC.........Soon
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11's next year I promise!

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