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What should I do for my exhaust
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Hey everyone quite recently I revved my engine with the stock exhaust system and I guess one of the pipes detached from the DP section, so it's basically running straight piped. I am wanting to do some cheaper exhaust mod and was wondering what you guys think I should do?

Get a 3" DP and just run it to a turn down? and get rid of the rear exhaust setup? get it fixed and gut the cats and put on higher flow muffles (SuperTurbos) or what?

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THere are hundreds of good "what exhaust" posts... do a search!!!!!!
Jeff Korn

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stinger, cheap and easy
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I went with the Stinger 3" downpipe and passenger side exhaust, coupled with a Dynomax bullet and a turndown by the rear axle. Very nice sound, if a bit loud, and simple, and relatively cheap.

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Here is what my muffler currrently looks like, I'm going to a few exhaust shops tomrrow.

What options do you think I have? Would I just have to replace the muffler and a section of pipe to return it to stock If that is what my wallet dictates? Or do you think I'd have to do a more severe repair job.

For performance/budget wise what do you recommend I do from this list:

3" DP
Bigger pipes all around
New Muffler (guaranteed)
Highflow Cat
Muffler placed backwards

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Quote:For performance/budget wise what do you recommend I do from this list:
Stock replacement is going to be the cheapest but gives no performance improvement.

If you want a solid performance increase you are going to have to do most of the stuff on your list.

However you are going to have to educate me as to what putting a muffler on backwards does? Thats a new one on me
Pete Dunham


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The backwards muffler wouldn't increase performance my bad... It is actually referred to as a resonator

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