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What's the word on cheap seats?
Keman Offline
Has anyone ever seen seats like this?

I was going to try to fix my tbirds seats, but they're really trashed. The frame in both is broken in a few areas, they're faded, neither emit more than a grunt in most power directions. In fact the passenger seat will tilt RIGHT and LEFT (!!!) when you try to use the tilt button. It's comical.

$39 + 160 shipping for a PAIR with sliders and they recline. I know they're gouging on the shipping, that's where they're making the profit. But still. $200 for a pair of new seats, shipped to my door? They can't be THAT bad!

I only wish I could try sitting in them first.

Has anyone else gone this route?
Eric "Keman" Uratchko
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Somebody recently posted a similar question about seats on Ebay. See:
Pete Dunham


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