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What RPM to set timing
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Removing the spout is new for me but I get it in theory … taking the ECU out of the equation. When I do that will it take the IAC out of the mix and drop the idle to drop down to the base idle.

I’m trying to figure out what to expect since the IAC makes a 300-400 RPM difference and it seems like that would matter. 

Thanks in advance,

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With the SPOUT plug removed factory base timing should be 10 deg BTDC. Timing does not change with RPM when the SPOUT is removed.

Many of us add a few degrees of base timing (total timing with SPUT removed) to 12 to 14 deg for a little better off the line grunt.
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I’ve been traveling a bit for work and getting ready to tackle plugs and timing before I dig into adjusting, or analyzing, the TPS to figure out this high idle.

Appreciate the information

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