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What did you do to your thunderbird today?
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Stole this idea from another car forum I frequent. Just trying to make some small talk Smile

Spent all day yesterday replacing the timing belt along with all 3 front seals. Hopefully this oil leak is taken care of. Also replaced serp belt and tensioner, but i still have that darn belt squeak! Did the distributor cap and rotor too since I didn't do that when I did plugs and wires.

So what did you guys do?
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Im putting a new rear 1/4 panel on and yesterday I finished prepping the new piece. The old 1/4 is nearly ready to come off, but Im waiting for a cold knife to come in the mail so I can remove the rear window and finish removing the old 1/4.
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Yesterday I replaced the non-working PRC struts and shocks. New ride with actual shock dampening......priceless!
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Today - Not a thing!
Yesterday - set the engine and trans back in.
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Yesterday I installed a new heater core (not that bad of a job), and installed new rocker arms and TPS.
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yesterday..washed,waxed,interior detailed,oil changed and covered up for her yearly hibernation until april.I've got a pretty good list that I would like to get done over the winter though,mostly painting calipers and engine components and stuff like that.
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Put in new headliner in the white 87. I figure I will drop a nice motor and turbo in her, and see if it changes my mind to keep her.
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Friday I painted the Front fenders and bumper,
Today I installed them.

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yesterday i installed a aftermarket boost gauge, my factory one said she was boosting 15-16psi...aftermarket say 18-19psi lol. so happy i did that. gotta get my t5 swap going and walbro255 fuel pump
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Cleaned, waxed, vacumed and detailed for carshow at a winery today.
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