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Well, I guess it's reliable. 1800 miles to CA and back!
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I road tripped Layla over the weekend. Down to Lake Tahoe, CA and back. Over 1800 miles with 0 problems. Not bad for a 110K motor with a used piston/rod out of another and rings out of a third. It ate 3 qts the entire trip, and my damn oil sending unit STILL leaks, so that accounted for most of it. I averaged 29.5 mpg on flat stretches of highway and 22-26 depending on how big the mountains were. This is with a BBK 255 pump, Kirban AFPR @45psi, Gillis @15psi, and me driving [Image: wink.gif] Now I have to go get the race car moving! Good thing I took the week off! (Mostly to catch up on mailing big parts and stripping the clunkers). Maybe next year the road trip will be to Carlisle!

Michael Pinto

1988 Med Red/Red leather 5Spd, all options, fresh motor, BBK 255lph pump, Kirban AFPR, Cruzin' 35#s, AM IC hoses, Gillis Valve, AM prototype cold-air kit, 2' long open exhaust Wink, Optima
1987 Code 33 Silver-Blue/Charcoal cloth auto, undergoing race engine/5Spd swap
1988 White/Charcoal cloth auto, g/f's car, HL mod, Clarion CD/Stereo
1988 Shadow Blue/Blue cloth 5Spd, hit by truck, missing engine, for sale
1988 Cougar LS Med Red/Red cloth, no engine/trans, parts car
1984 Silver/Grey leather, 5Spd, no engine/trans, parts car
1992 Dk Green SHO 5Spd, feature car, 13.37 @104, for sale

RIP-1988 Med Red/Charcoal cloth 5Spd, all options, McK kit, spoiler

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BTW, Here's a pic of Layla in front of the highest point on I5, just North of the CA border. Makes a cool pic.

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Ahh I know that spot well. Weed is not too far off from there [Image: biggrin.gif].

Good deal!
Sold it Sad*

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