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Well another Heater question
Seanm5005 Offline
Obviously it's gotten cold, I have little heat if any once my 87 TC is up to temp, I move the temp control full heat full cool and can hear the damper closing off and openning up. I have checked the heater hoses and both are extremely hot. I did notice that someone has windowed a hole in the heater box next to the heater core and had placed a cover over the hole with tape? Does anyone have any suggestions prior to me disassembling the heater box. The A/C will over power what little heat I do have, when I switch it to defrost. Thanks Sean.

Pete D Offline
There are actually 4 different "doors" in the system (manual Heat/Ac). Assuming that the air gets directed where you want it (panel, floor or defrost) that eliminates 2 of them.
The 4th is the recirulating door for MAX Cooling. The 3rd is the BLEND door that determines how much air actually passes through the heater core. It is cable operated by the TEMPERATURE CONTROL LEVER and is the only door in the manual system that is cable operated. So follow the cable and see if it's hooked up.

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Yes it is the manual A/C and heat. The cable is attached and that is what I am refuring to about the damper position. The air does change to the defrost, panel, defrost and floor, and floor as well. Any other thoughts? Or do I just need to disassemble? Thanks Sean.

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