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weird tbird sighting
I was in Endicott today getting an IBM tour plant when i had a weird thunderbird sighting. In one of the parking lots i saw what looked like an 88 thunderbird, dark blue. It caught my eye because it was the same color and year as mine. I took a few moments to look at it, and it was unlike anyhting i have seen before. The body was in kind of rough shape. it had the black and red trim (which i thought was exclusive to turbo thunderbirds??)(the trim on the door didnt have the "turbo coupe" molding, a non turbo hood (no scoupes), and the nose from a turbo coupe (no grill). There was a "5.0" emblem on the front left fender. The windows were tinted really dark, so i couldnt get a good look at the interior, except to say that the steering wheel looked different from mine. Is this what a stock 5.0 tbird looks like, or is this just some custom project? without a grille or scoupes, wouldnt there be an intake/cooling problem?
thanks for any input

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I'd say it was a retro-fit 5.0. The parts would (of course) be the guy was a TC wannabe hehe..

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Sounds like what Dan said. The guy must be a turbocoupe wannabe!

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I agree with Dan and Chris, probably a TC wannabe. Anytime you see something different, if possible get the VIN no. If it is a 87-88 it can be decoded to find out what is(was). The 86 & earlier birds all use the same code for the different models.

Since I now have a 5.0 in one of my TCs, does that make me a Sport wannabe??
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Nah, you just wanted a whole engine! [Image: wink.gif]

Worst TC wannabe I've seen here is a kid with a dark blue base V6 Tbird that had a TC hood from a light blue TC on his car. Bad part was when he saw my TC he got so excited and was waving his arms wildly and he crossed the center line and almost hit my TC.

I can't speak for the person that owns the car you are talking about, but I put the solid nose used on the TC on my sport because it just looks so much better than that crappy faux chrome grille. If I want to look like I'm in a TC, then I drive my TC. [Image: smile.gif]

Most of the air for the radiator comes from the lower opening anyway, so there aren't any problems with running having a 3 core radiator doesn't hurt either!

Quote:Originally posted by TurboCoupe50:
I agree with Dan and Chris, probably a TC wannabe.

Since I now have a 5.0 in one of my TCs, does that make me a Sport wannabe??
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