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Weird e-bay stuff (check it out you ohio guys)
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#1 the people are selling this TC cause their daughter did not feel like learning how to drive a stick. She has no idea what she is giving away. Well the car is for sale now and they are not letting it go cheap. All the ohio guys need to go smack these people or protest or something [Image: wink.gif]

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i dont know why some ohio people are like that,but others benifit,proud to be from ohio!! lol!!
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What do you expect from Cambridge?

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1400! That makes me think I should throw mine on there. Mine is a rust free southern car.

This clutch is pissing me off so bad I keep telling it that its going to be a parts car!
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i cant'believe they are going to let it go over something as silly as that. talk about lazy, too scared to try something new. well, we don't need people like that to mess up our proud image! lol =)

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the drivrs side corner light is missing
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Daughter probably wants a Camaro...Damn Chevy lover!!!

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He said,"what do you expect from Cambridge?" ha ha aha ahaha ahhahaha haha

Too much fun, what's that mean?That's like too much boost,there's no such thing.
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