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weird boosting
Joey Hager Offline
ok, I recently rebuild the motor in my 88 turbo bird, no reason, just high mileage, I did nothing special, I had the head redone at the shop with a valve job and all new seals, I put a high volume oil pump, and all new rings and bearings, a new stock cam with new lifters and followers, sounds and runs like a new car, but before I rebuild it, it would run close to 15 psi, I have a no cat exhaust and k&n pod filter, but after the rebuild it would run no more than 10 psi, and at times it would ease past 10 psi and you could hear the turbo and it would really take off but still only to like 11 psi of boost in done this mostly around 6 grand and in 3rd and 4th gear, so I bought a gillis boost valve and installed it, I can turn it way up but it bucks and hesitates, like it would if you would just unhook the hoses from the factory bcs, so I adjusted it down to like 12 or so and it runs good and U can hear the turbo, I have recently out run a new GT and pretty heads up with a friends new z28, but I know it can be better any suggestions on why it is doing this now???

88 turbo coupe, K&N pod filter, gillis boost controller, 3in. pipe no cat, into two one chambered flowmasters, 86 mustang gt stainless tailpipes, 16x8 offset rims (like on knight rider, aluminum with black in middle) 3.73 rearend, 2 JL 15s, punch 800amp in trunk, helps me hook up on the line [Image: smile.gif]
88 turbo coupe, black 5-speed all options but leather, K&N cone, 3 in. downpipe, no converter into 2.5 in. one chambered flowmasters, 86' GT stainless tips, gillis boost contoller, 3.73s, 16x8 (knightrider) rims, 2 JL audio 15s in trunk, punch 800

sctur601 Offline
Have you checked for leaks around the intercooler hoses? Also check for any vacuum hoses that might be disconnected. You could also have an exauhst leak befor the turbo. Check these out and get back with us.

My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe with a GN intercooler, dawes device set at 22psi of boost,K&N cone,fully ported e-6 manifold,gutted and ported intake, ported stock valve head, Ranger cam set -2 deg, and Full 3" exhaust with 3" magnaflow, 190 pump, a TRI AX shifter,Madhatter clutch quadrant,Racer walsh adjustable cam pulley, Adj FPR, bypass valve, large VAM, LA3, brown tops, and 88 TC wheels. Next mods, boxed control arms, Subframe connectors, 3.73 8.8 rear,Larger front brakes, and poly bushings. Then i have no ideaSmile
has run a best of 14.71 at 92mph on drag radials. New times with GN intercooler, LA3, brown tops!!!! 14.9 at 96mph on my street tires.
New times with head ,e6 and ported intake to come soon.
My vehicle
1983 Turbo Coupe-
13.83 at 103mph!
273rwhp and 342ftlb at 24 psi with a slipping clutch!
And it still feels slow!

I also do port work, if you need something ported email me at [email protected]

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