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Weather stripping kits
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Does anybody make weatherstripping kits for our cars? I'm looking for window trim and belting for the base of the kit. Every source I find are for chevy. I'm guessing chevy is a piece of shit. [Image: smile.gif]


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I'm with you brother. I have asked this same question here several times and NO ONE ever replies. Maybe my car is the only one that has a few bad weatherstrips. If I find anyone who sells the stuff for our cars I'll let you know. Good luck.
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When you guys say weather stripping at the base, are you referring to the inside or outside or both and is it the strips at the bottom of the glass/top of door that press' up against the glass? If so I just got new interior strips for my 88. A local glass shop had numerous samples that they could match up the existing with and then ordered the stripping in 48" lengths. They were the only source for the stripping that I could find since it's discontinued by Ford.

If you are looking for the rubber door seals, the glass shop may be able to help with that, if not JC Whitney has a vass selection of different types that you should be able to match up.

If you are looking for the interior strips with the felt backing that pushes on the glass, then email me. I can dig up the brand name and part number for what the glass shop got me.

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I'm looking for the striping (sweep) for the base of the window, the one your arm would rest on if the window was down. I wouldn't mind sealing up the whole car and make it quite again.
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